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Did you watch Ouran high school host club season one? If you did, then you perfectly know how fantastic the first season was. Will be a second season of Ouran high school host club premiere anytime soon?

In this article, you will discover about the release date of this anime television series. Also, you will get more news too.

Let’s start.

About Ouran High School Host Club

Before producing the anime Tv series, Ouran high school host club is a manga series from Japan. Its writing and illustration were by Bisco Hatori. The genre of this Japanese manga is a reverse harem and romantic comedy. Ouran’s publication was initially by Hakusensha a publishing company in Japan.

The manga was featured on Lala magazine between September 2002 to November 2010. The English version of this Japanese manga was by Madman entertainment in Australia, Viz Media in North America, and Chuang Yi in Singapore.

Release of the first season of this anime Tv series was between 5th April 2006 to 26th September 2006. Season one had twenty-six episodes and aired on Nippon Tv. Due to its popularity in English speaking countries, the producers went a step further to produce an English anime version.

Fans watched the English version of Ouran high school host club on Funimation Channel or Toku in the United States of America and ABC Me in Australia.

Release Date of Season Two

We are entering the fifteenth year since the last episode of the first season of Ouran. As a fan of this anime, I have been eagerly waiting for the second season. But years have passed, and we don’t seem to get any communication about the second season.

Will it be there? Maybe 2021 is the year when the second season will premiere. Since 2019 rumours have been doing rounds that the second season will be out in 2020. But that didn’t happen due to the pandemic that ravaged the world and halted many things.

But let’s be hopeful that we will be watching Ouran High School host club this year.

Note: When we get an official communication of the official release date, we will inform you right away.

The Plot of Ouran High School Host Club Season One

The storyline of this animated television series is based on Haruhi Fujioka. Haruhi was a student a prestigious school in Bunkyo, Tokyo known as Ouran Academy. Fujioka got a scholarship which enabled to study in this prime school.

Ouran academy was a school for rich children in Tokyo. While in school, Haruhi Fujioka looks for a cool place to read. During her search, she gets to the third music room, which was not being used.

The room was used by six male students and was called Ouran academy host club. The students used to entertain ladies in the room with sweets and tea. When Haruhi went to the room, she unexpectedly knocks down an antique vase whose cost was about the US $80,000.

Fujioka had to work as an errand boy for the host club to repay the amount. She had short hair, and her body made the male students confuse her to a male student. But when they realize her gender and abilities to entertain the clients, they promote Fujioka to a full host.

The Cast

Ouran High School Host Club Cast


Ouran high school host club features the following characters. They include;

  • Haruhi Fujioka
  • Tamaki Suoh
  • Kyoya Ootori
  • Hikaru and Kaoru Kitachiin
  • Mitsukuni ‘Honey’ Haninozuka
  • Takashi ‘Mori’ Morinozuka

These are the main characters and the members of the host club.

Will Ouran High School Host Club Season Two Feature New Voice Actors?

It has been over a decade since the release of season one and its evident that the voice actors are now old. This means it will be difficult for them to make an appearance in the anime Tv series.

I know it’s a challenging thing to adapt with especially for you who is attached to season one’s voice actors. But what you should expect in the second season is a change of voice actors.

Why Has it Taken Years to Produce the Second Season?

It is not clear the reason for its delay but what we know is that the first season covered the entire manga. This makes it challenging to write a new script for the second season quickly. But that’s an assumption.

In 2016 the production team of this anime informed fans that they are currently working on a second season.

Where Will Season Two Premiere?

We don’t expect any changes in the channels that will air Ouran high school host club. Expect a return of this animation Tv series on Funimation and ABC Me.


This is all information we have about Ouran high school host club season two. When we get official communication of the release date, we will update this article immediately. Thanks for reading.