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When you thought the Byrde family couldn’t get themselves in any more trouble, the upcoming Season sees them in another dilemma. ‘Ozark’ is returning to Netflix for its third installment.

‘Ozark’ Season 3 will feature 10 brand new episodes coming to Netflix. The streaming service confirmed this via its social media network.

Jason Batement, the star and director of the first two episodes of the upcoming Season made the official announcement. “I’m happy and excited for me,” he said, “but I’m also concerned for Marty.” Safe to say, everyone is.

The crime drama series has a considerable following, which will give it all the more reason to continue producing seasons for the foreseeable future. The ‘Ozark’ production crew already has a five-year plan set for the series. However, if the audience count increases, they are also open to extending the story beyond their initial plan.

In an interview with showrunner Chris Mundy, he reveals that the show will have five full seasons. “We’ve always agreed that it would be five seasons,” he said, “could be seven. But five always seemed like a good number to us.”

It’s safe to say we’ll be seeing Marty Byrde and company for three more seasons to come. For now, here’s what we know so far about the upcoming Season 3.

‘Ozark’ Season 3: Series Recap

Let’s do a quick recap on the series. First, the show currently has two seasons under its belt. 

Season 1

The first Season introduces protagonist Marty Byrde and the entire Byrde family, for that matter. Marty is a money launderer for the second largest Mexican drug cartel.

His job forced him and his family to transfer from their Chicago-based home to the eerie Ozark Lakes in Missouri. Throughout the season, things went from bad to worse.

Marty attempts to repay his debts to the cartel by filtering millions of dirty money through shady businesses in town. These businesses include a resort, a funeral parlor, and a strip club.

The ending of season 1 saw Darlene Snell blowing a cartel man’s head off. This moment left Marty with a lot of explaining to do, all while trying his best to keep his family alive.

Season 2

The second Season continues to follow the Byrde family as they live a dangerous life under a drug cartel’s influence. The Season also sees the drug syndicate sending attorney Hellen Pierce, a wise but ruthless lawyer, to town. Her arrival shakes up the town just as The Byrdes are finally settling in with their new life.

The final moments of Season 2 saw Cade getting shot as he attempted to leave the town. He stole $500,000 from the Navarro cartel.

It was revealed that Wendy set him up. She gave him the cash while also tipping Helen and asking her to take him out.

Right now, fans are left with more questions than answers entering ‘Ozark’ Season 3. We hope the latest Season will shed some more light on what will happen with Marty and his family.

As for a fourth season, there has yet to be any confirmation about it. But if we can refer to Chris Mundy’s statement, we’ll expect an announcement after Season 3 is released.

‘Ozark’ Season 3: Plot

Season 3 starts six months after the conclusion of Season 2. The Byrdes have put up a casino, and it’s running well. 

Marty and Wendy are not on good terms entering the new Season. They are fighting for control of the family’s fate. 

Marty wants to keep things as they are. However, Wendy plans to expand as she got support from Helen and drug cartel leader Omar Navarro. 

However, Ben, Wendy’s brother, comes into town, things turn into chaos once again. Now, they’ll need to salvage their newfound success by fixing this new problem in their hands.

To recap, Season 2 saw Marty and Wendy get into the casino business to try and earn some more cash for the drug cartel. They struggled with the power dynamic, as well as dealing with outside forces.

Wendy’s brother, whom many suspect to have a mental illness, will come into the scene and cause problems for them. This will all affect the Byrde family as they try to control the situation.

‘Ozark’ Season 3: Cast

According to a recent report, casts representing the Byrde family will return. However, we can also expect four new faces to debut in the series later on.

Tom Pelphrey will play Ben Davis, Wendy’s younger brother. Jessica Frances Dukes will play FBI agent Maya Miller. 

Dukes’ character will be in charge of taking down Marty Byrde. Along with Pelphrey, both will be series regulars for Season 3. 

Felix Solis will play Omar Navarro, the kingpin of the second largest drug cartel in Mexico. On the other hand, Joseph Sikora will play Frank Cosgrove Jr., the ill-tempered son of Frank Cosgrove, the Kansas City mob boss.

Janet McTeer and Lisa Emery will have more prominent roles in the new Season. Reports say that they will become series regulars by the end of Season 3. 

Jason Bateman will be back to reprise his role as Marty Byrde. Along with him is Laura Linney playing Wendy Byrde. Ruth Langmore will also play her role as Julia Gardner. 

Apart from that, the production team has also been looking for extras like shoppers, families, more for the casino shoot. Reports say that the casting call has already started, with the names announced on the show’s official social media accounts.

‘Ozark’ Season 3: Trailer

Netflix officially released the first full trailer for ‘Ozark’ Season 3. The trailer sees what seems to be a casino opening, which means more money coming in for Marty Byrde. However, as the universal law of money goes, “more money equals more problems.”

The release date for ‘Ozark’ Season 3 was also announced in their teaser video. Both the trailer and video can be seen on Netflix’s official YouTube channel.

‘Ozark’ Season 3: Release Date

Ozark Season 3 will arrive on Netflix on March 27. This information was made official by the streaming company in their recent announcement. 

Fans and audiences alike can’t wait for what’s to come for the Byrde family. Stay tuned as more announcements will be made in the next few weeks.