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Remember, when you are bored and want to see something interesting then, the first thought that hits our minds is to watch a fun comedy show. Many of you might not be aware of the kinds of movie genres that comedy has to offer to the entertainment world. There are various kinds of comedy that are made out of collaboration with other kinds of genres. These are romantic comedies, horror-comedy, black comedy, and many more. All of the genres have their own crisp but if you mix political drama and comedy then, it will surely turn out into something extraordinary. The black comedy political drama is quite a rare genre to see especially in the shows that are being premiered on TV or OTT. 

If we talk about the shows of Amazon Prime, there are a lot of popular shows that have premiered on this platform. Patriot is one of those shows that is highly popular amongst the fans of political dramas. Nothing beats a terrific comedy TV show when you need something to make your heart sing and your cheeks hurt from smiling. Sure, movies are fun, but there’s something special about a TV show. You get to know the characters well, and you feel as if you can fully immerse yourself in their world and, most importantly, you can binge them for hours (or days) of nonstop joy. 

Steven Conrad is the creator of the show Patriot which is an American comedy-drama television series. It began on Amazon Prime Video on November 5, 2015, and the remaining first-season episodes were published on February 23, 2017. The Patriot’s first two seasons were hugely successful. They were applauded by the audience. Amazon terminated the show after it became a tremendous success and had a lot of followers. This is awful news for any Patriots supporters who were hoping for a third season. But, there’s a hope that has recently come into the light that makers of the show are planning to make another season of the show. Let’s find more about the Patriot season 3 updates here.

Show Details 

TV Series: Patriot
Genre: Comedy-drama

Black comedy

Political drama

Spy drama

Directed by: Steven Conrad
Starring: Michael Dorman

Kurtwood Smith

Michael Chernus

Kathleen Munroe

Aliette Opheim

Chris Conrad

Terry O’Quinn

Debra Winger

Place: America
Distributor: Amazon Prime Video
Original release: November 5, 2015 –

November 9, 2018

Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 18

Patriot Season 3 Release Date

Story Plot

The story is about a man who is living a tumultuous and difficult life and his name is John Tavner. He is an intelligent and sharp man whose most recent mission is to prevent Iran from going nuclear. He must forgo all safety nets and accept a dangerous non-official cover for the assignment. John Tavner is a low-key CIA operative recovering in Amsterdam after a harrowing operation. Alice (Kathleen Munroe), John’s wife, is educated and supportive, but she is unaware of the depths to which he dives for his job. His father is a major player in the agency, and he believes that his son, despite his flaws, is the greatest candidate for a crucial mission to prevent Iran from going nuclear.

He found himself without his 11-million-euro bag and nowhere near his aim of influencing Iran’s presidential election. In Season 2, John’s father orders even more draconian methods, including the death of a pro-nuclear candidate in a tightly secured Paris compound. The show ‘Patriot’ is a very interesting show that includes a great storyline along with the comedy pouches that keep you laughing and muttering. People who will watch this show will surely like the whole idea behind the series. It is surely a must-watch political drama that also entertains and teaches at the same time with the black comedy engaged in the show. 

Is Patriot Season 3 going to Cancel or Renew?

The show’s first season got a great response from the fans. The show’s second season earned rave reviews as well. The show’s second season premiered in November 2018. Everyone expected the show’s makers to renew it after its premiere. However, when Albert Cheng, the co-head of Amazon Studios, verified this later, everyone was taken aback. All Patriots fans were devastated by the news. Cheng announced in a message to the network’s executive session that they are not planning a new season at this moment. They are not, in fact, planning a new season. The remark was enough to convince me that Patriot Season 3 will not be released.

Release Date: Patriot season 3

The first two seasons of the Patriot series were a huge hit. They had received a lot of positive feedback from the audience. Following the show’s massive success and audience adoration, Amazon decided to terminate it. This is terrible news for Patriots supporters who are looking forward to the third season. Finally, Amazon has decided to cancel the show. As a result, there is no set date for the release of Patriot Season 3. Although the news is quite sad for the fans who have been waiting for the show after watching the previous two seasons of Patriot and watching the performance of Michael Dorman.

Backlash from Fans for Cancelling Patriot 3

Fans of the show have expressed their displeasure over the show’s cancellation on different social media platforms, including Twitter. While one fan criticised Amazon Studio’s decision, another said it was the worst news he’d heard in a long time. Patriot Season 3 was cancelled, which disappointed fans. They’ve taken a number of steps on social media to express their displeasure at the show’s cancellation. People were tweeting about Amazon’s unfortunate decision. Some said that it was a bad move from Amazon studio while some requested to bring back the show with a new season. Overall, the show has come to an end and it has been announced by the makers and some cast members. This is really bad news for all the fans of Patriot.