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Born on March 15, 2016, Phoenix Avery Bosh is the eldest of the Bosh brothers or twins born to Chris Bosh and his wife, Adrienne Bosh. Phoenix is older by two minutes, and his brother has captured the hearts of their father’s fans for their too much cuteness.

The Bosh twins became celebrities when they were born, and they have gained many fans concerned about how they are growing up. Will they follow in their father’s footsteps and be part of the NBA? Stick around for more information about the lovely twins.

Phoenix Avery Bosh’s Siblings

Phoenix Avery Bosh is probably the last born with his twin brother. The twins were born in 2015 and welcomed into a family of two other siblings and one half-sibling. The eldest sibling of Phoenix is called Trinity Bosh, and she was born to Bosh and his former girlfriend, Allison Mathis.

Phoenix has two siblings apart from his twin brother, who are elders. Jackson Bosh is the eldest child of Chris Bosh and his wife Adrianne, and he was born on May 15, 2012. The couple announced they had welcomed their first child and named him in honor of his maternal great-grandfather.

The other sibling of Phoenix Avery is called Dylan Bosh and is the second born after Jackson Bosh. Dylan was born on November 4, 2013.

Who is Phoenix Avery Bosh’s Mother

Adrianne Nicole Williams is the mother of Phoenix and the beautiful wife to the hall-of-fame NBA player Chris Bosh. Adrianne was born into a family of four siblings, and she started modeling when she was young.

Adrianne entered a beauty contest when she was seven in 1992, winning. She continued to pursue her love for acting and modeling, and when she was twelve, she involved herself in theatre and gymnastics at Switzerland County High School. In 2002she earned princess Runner-up at Vevay’s annual Swiss Wine Festival.

Phoenix’s mother started pursuing acting and modeling professionally at the age of seventeen. In 2011, she announced her marriage to the former NBA player Chris Bosh. The family has been living happily since then.

Phoenix Avery Bosh’s Father

Chris Bosh is a famous NBA player who played in popular teams for many years. The great player was born and raised in Dallas, Texas, to Noel and Freida, and he grew up with his younger brother.

When Chris was four years old, he would go to the gym with his father, where he played pick-up games, and started learning to learn dripping a basketball. Chris was taller than his age, which gave him an advantage when playing basketball with his peers.

Phoenix’s father was an academic genius, but he started getting noticed by basketball recruiters when he was at Lincoln High School in Dallas. He led the team to the number-one ranking in the country, making him gain huge recognition.

When Bosh joined college, he started to play basketball as a career. He acknowledged his parents for his basketball skills.