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It is not always necessary that people want to know about celebrity kids. Sometimes the audience is also curious to know about the parents of the famous personalities.  Likewise, Phyllis Ann Roddy is one of those. She gave birth to a famous American music artist named Mickey Guyton. Everyone knows about who Mickey Guyton is. But now the audience is curious to grab the information about her mother, Phyllis Ann Roddy.

This article is presented to you to convey some information about Phyllis Ann Roddy. As you proceed with the blog you will get to know about Phyllis Ann Roddy’s personal life, net worth, and so on. Additionally, you will also get to know some people who are related to her.

Phyllis Ann Roddy’s Early Life

It is possible to gather much evidence about what Phyllis Ann Roddy has done in her early days. However, nothing can be comprehended about her birthplace or family.

Phyllis Ann Roddy’s Personal Life

Phyllis Ann Roddy is the wife of Michael Eugene Guyton. After a long-term relationship, both of them get married, and as time passes, they become the parents of four children. However, she has to relocate to different places with her family because of her husband’s job.

Phyllis Ann Roddy’s Husband

Michael Eugene Guyton is an engineer.

Phyllis Ann Roddy’s Husband’s Net Worth

Michael Eugene Guyton’s net worth is approximately between 1 to 2 million dollars.

Phyllis Ann Roddy’s Daughter

Phyllis Ann Roddy is mainly known for her daughter Mickey Guyton. She is a singer and songwriter and has presented several mesmerizing and soulful songs to the world.

Mickey Guyton’s Early Life

Mickey Guyton AKA Candace Mycale Guyton was born on June 17, 1983, in Arlington, Texas, U.S. She is the second born to Phyllis Ann Roddy and Michael Eugene Guyton. At a very young age, Mickey Guyton started singing to enhance her musical chords. After completing her high school studies, she shifted to Los Angeles, California to follow her passion and to acquire knowledge about country music in a professional tone. Mickey Guyton took this step when she was already attending Santa Monica College. However, before stepping into the world of music Mickey Guyton worked in several places with minimum wage just to earn bread.

Mickey Guyton’s Career

Mickey Guyton got to know a music producer named Julian Raymond when she shifted to Los Angeles. However, this nobleman introduced Mickey Guyton to two other music professionals named Gary Borman and Steve Moir. They assisted her to take the first step toward her career. From there she never looked back. However, Mickey Guyton earned more recognition after her debut single album named Better Than You Left Me in 2015. This song achieved number 34 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart. Nonetheless, it also achieved a remarkable position on Canada’s Billboard country chart. Some of her notable songs are Heartbreak Song, Black Like Me, and so on.

Mickey Guyton’s Personal Life

In 2010 Guyton fell in love with a lawyer named Grant Savoy. In June 2017, the couple got married in Kauai, Hawaii. However, in August 2020 she gave birth to her first child and in February 2021, she welcomed her son.

Mickey Guyton’s Net Worth

Mickey Guyton has a net worth of between 1 and 5 million dollars.

Phyllis Ann Roddy’s Net Worth

It’s almost impossible to know what kind of work she does. So how can people estimate heed net worth?


Hopefully, the above data will help get a clear picture of Phyllis Ann Roddy. To know more about such celebrities keep scrolling this website.