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If you’re one of those people who are deeply intrigued by political thrillers and are an avid stan for stories that revolve around nations, their setbacks, their leaps and bureaucrats playing politics, Pine Gap is the right one for you. Being streamed on Netflix and broadcast on the ABC network, Pine Gap is a political drama encompassing the Australian and American pact on the Pine Gap, southwest of the town of Alice Springs, the Northern Territory of Australia. It is about the Australian and American joint defense intelligence facility that has been planted at Pine Gap. Being the first of its kind, a collaboration of ABC network with Netflix, Pine Gap is like the accomplishment of an international outreach agenda.

Show Details:

TV Series: Pine Gap
Genre: Political Thriller



Created by:  Greg Haddrick
Starring: Parker Sawyers

Tess Haubrich

Jacqueline McKenzie

Steve Toussaint

Stephen Curry

Running time: 14 October 2018 – 11 November 2018
Producers Lisa Scott

Felicity Packard

Director: Mat King
Original language: Australian English

Pine Gap Season 2: Release Date

More about the show:

Pine Gap is a political Drama, Mystery, thriller based on the Australian and American joint defence intelligence facility planted in Pine Gap, a northern territory of Australia. It was created by Greg Haddrick and directed by Mat King. The television series stars Parker Sawyers, Tess Haubrich, Jacqueline McKenzie, Steve Toussaint, and Stephen Curry. 

It was originally created in Australian English but has been dubbed in various other languages to cater to a global audience. The series has had one season released by now, containing 6 episodes. It was produced by Lisa Scott and Felicity Packard and its executive producers are Bob Campbell, Rory Callaghan, Greg Haddrick, Sally Riley, and Kym Goldsworthy. The series has been produced in various locations like Alice Springs, Northern Territory Adelaide, and South Australia. 

Several companies including Screen Time, South Australian Film Corporation, and Screen Territory have been involved in the production of the series. The series premiered on 14 October 2018 and its last episode was aired on 11 November 2018.

As much as the television series was loved by its audience, it was received quite coldly and rather with a spoonful of criticism, by the critics. Luke Buckmaster of The Guardian wrote that Pine Gap could put people to sleep and could be used to cure insomnia. Helen Razer of the Daily Review called it a propaganda film.


The Political Drama, Mystery, thriller, revolves around Pine Gap, which is southwest of the town of Alice Springs, the Northern Territory of Australia. The story revolves around the Australian and American joint defence intelligence facility that has been set up at Pine Gap. In the first episode of the first season, they detect a missile launch in Myanmar. To discuss the plan of action, a conference is hosted which is joined by the American and the Australian Prime Ministers. 

The story proceeds with international politics seeping into the drama and the involvement of spies and traitors. The last episode of the show was the most talked-about since it left the audience in a completely unstable headspace with its not-so-subtle and rather abrupt ending. The last episode welcomes the climax scene with Immy and Zhou Lin seated next to each other giving an impression that a rather bigger plan is being brought into action.

Star cast:

Parker Sawyers played the character of Gus Thomson, who is an American mission director. Tess Haubrich played the character of Jasmina Delic, who is a Serbian Australian communications intelligence team leader. Jacqueline McKenzie featured as Kath Sinclair, who is the Australian deputy chief of the defence facility. Steve Toussaint played the character of Ethan James, who is the American chief of the defence facility. 

Stephen Curry has portrayed the character of Jacob Kitto, who is an Australian mission director appointed by the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. Sachin Joab played the character of Simon Penny, who also works in the Australian intelligence department. Mark Leonard Winter played the role of Moses Dreyfus, who is an American foreign instrumentation signals intelligence analyst and also a loner.

Kelton Pell addressed the character of Dr Paul Dupain, Madeleine Madden played the role of Immy Dupain, Lewis Fitz-Gerald portrayed Rudi Fox, Edwina Wren addressed the role of Eloise Chambers, and Alice Keohavong played Deborah Vora.


The television series has had just one season released till now. The first episode of the first season aired on 14 October 2018. It was directed by Mat King and written by Felicity Packard. The second episode was released on 14 October 2018. It was directed by Mat King and written by Greg Haddrick. The third episode was directed by Mat King and written by Greg Haddrick and it was released on 21 October 2018. 

The fourth episode was released on 28 October 2018. It was directed by Mat King and written by Felicity Packard. The fifth episode was released on 4 November 2018 and it was directed by Mat King and written by Felicity Packard. The sixth episode was released on 11 November 2018. It was directed by Mat King and written by Greg Haddrick.

Will there be a season 2?

Pine Gap is a television series that has been co-produced by Netflix and the ABC network. The renewal of the series has not been announced by any of the companies and there are rumors that both the companies are in talks about whether or not to bring about the second season. Not just the fans but even the actors of the show along with its creators desperately wish to begin working on the second season and are waiting for an official announcement.  

The bad news is that in various parts across the globe, the series wasn’t received very well and suffered a lot of criticism in the name of vendetta and agenda. Therefore, sources believe that the makers are reluctant to invest in the second season of the series and might officially call it off. At the beginning of the show, there were 580,000 viewers in Australia who gradually reduced to 360,000.