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Psycho-pass season 3 is an anime show that was aired in 2019; this was a franchise that acted as the sequel of the year 2014 show. Psycho-pass two ran on Japan’s TV, named Fuji TV Noitamina, from October 24th to December 12, 2019, though it was released in March 2019.

About Psycho-Pass

Apart from featuring mostly on retaining the same characters in seasons one and 2, the anime focuses on including new characters in the next season. Some of the actors the producers are aspiring to include in the series include Yuki Kaji’s Arata Shido and Yuichi Nakamura’s Kei Mikhail Ignatov.

Already Akira Amano has confirmed his contract, while Naoyoshi Shitani will return to act as the show’s director. The light novel was put underwriting by Makoto Furman, which consisted of two volumes. The following manga series was writer and illustrated by inspector Shinya and Natsuo Sai, respectively. This one contained 6 volumes.

While the second season was under Tom Ubukata’s responsibility, where he wrote 11 episodes and was directed by Naoyoshi Shiotani, the series is set on a dystopian generation where the Sibyl System type of technology oversees the community. The storyline is about two policemen named Shido and Ignatov.

Psycho Pass

Psycho Pass

The plot of the Psycho-pass series

After Akane Tsunemori, in accompanies of her friend, went to fight in a mission against some intruders, who were terrorists in the country of Japan, they managed to return the images of Akane’s former coworker, Shinya kogami. The terrorist’s origin was from the southeast of the Asia continent.

This was one of the powerful states that had started to buy the most powerful sibyl technology from japan. Luckily Akane was granted the opportunity to visit the southeast of Asia city, where she was welcomed from the city’s airport by the procession of militaries from the country under Colonel Nicholas Wong’s guidance.

Wong explained to Akane that their special guns are referred to as Dominators and are not commonly utilized in the country due to insufficient resources. Thus latent terrorists are equipped with collars that provide them with lethal does, which is poisonous. 

During the battle, Akane saw kogami through a monitor, and he proceeds to peruse him. After Wong’s drones decided to endanger Akane in the attempt of killing kogami, they decided to escape together after Akane confronted kogami. They both flee to the bases of the terrorist to help in fighting back and rescue their country from Han’s military dictatorship and sibyl technology. Unluckily, Wong reached on a mercenary leader known as Desmond, and he hired the team to search for both Akane and kogami and return them.

Additional Details on the Plot

Later on, the mercenaries attached to the camp, where they killed many people. Kogami tried his capabilities to help Akane run away before the mercenaries could reach him. Unfortunately, Akane was arrested when he was at the Shambala float, and he was sent for deportation. However, he was rescued when Han arrived.

After the return to his apartments, he released a pill bug to allow karanomori to hack the sibyl drones. Afterward, Wong and his mates take Akane to a rutaganda’s team arrived with kogami. Rutaganda decided that they both be executed and use the helicopter to terminate them to look like a Japanese terrorist attack as a result of a false flag mission.

The drones, which had been placed by karanomori to detect any wongs crime capabilities, turned against the wongs gang and started killing them. Afterward, the other divisions arrived, and Nobuchika started killing the remaining Wong men. Akane accompanies Ginoza to know the truth behind the conspiracy, and later they rescued the helipad. Kogami fights back the Rutaganda; however, he is defeated until Ginoza joins their hand against the enemy.

They proceeded to Han’s office, where they realized that he was criminally asymptomatic in sibyl device. Sibyl informed them that they had connected all the chain of events where they had decided to get the system for the southeast of Asia. Sibyl decided to manipulate Akane with the details from kogami that made her disclose all of Wong’s plans that made sibyl stop working for the country.


Akane confronted the system via Han, thus forcing Hans to resign and accept far and free elections. The following day han stated that wongs coup failed and made him think about the government and declared that he opted for far and free elections.