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When your brother is a basketball legend, you will likely find yourself in the limelight as people try to gather more details about you. Rayvonne Pratt is the brother of Kevin Durant, a basketball legend who has gone the extra mile to build a name for himself in the NBA. Although Rayvonne is not a basketball player like his brother, fans want to know more about him.

What Do We Know About Rayvonne Pratt?

Rayvonne is Kevin Durant’s younger brother. He was born in Washington, but his birthdate is not shared with the public. Rayvonne is a Christian, and his ethnicity is white. He is the son of Wanda Durant and Waynee Pratt.

Rayvonne has three siblings: Kevin Durant, Tony Durant, and Brianna Pratt. Rayvonne was born and raised in Washington, but unlike his famous brother, he prefers keeping a secretive life. Besides, he is not into basketball like his brothers.

One thing that bugs many people is why Rayvonne uses his paternal name, Pratt, yet his brothers don’t. Different sources have revealed that Rayvonne’s father abandoned the family when Kevin was a baby, less than a year old. Rayvonne’s mother ended up taking care of his family and decided to give her two sons her maternal name instead of the paternal one.

However, Rayvonne and his sister Brianne ended up with their paternal name. Their father returned to the family, and that’s when the couple welcomed Rayvonne and his sister.

Rayvonne’s Family

You might be curious about how many siblings Rayvonne has. Well, he has three siblings. He has two elder brothers and a sister. Kevin Durant is the most famous of the siblings, thanks to his basketball career.

Rayvonne’s father was a basketball coach, and his two sons ended up taking up basketball. However, Rayvonne and his sister didn’t follow the same path. The firstborn in the family, Tony Durant, was born on January 6, 1986, in Maryland. Tony is also into basketball but has not made it his professional career like their brother Kevin.

Kevin Durant is the second born in the family and is mainly famous for his professional career as a basketballer and the achievements that he has made. Brianna Pratt is the lastborn in the family. She isn’t active on social media, and her details are unavailable as she keeps a private life.

Meet Rayvonne’s Famous Brother

Kevin Durant was born on September 29, 1988. He was born in Washington, D.C. He is the second child in the family and is mainly known for being a basketballer. Kevin attended different high schools, including National Christian Academy, Oak Hill Academy, and Montrose Christian School.

He then joined Texas College in 2006. Kevin started playing basketball in college and worked on his hobby to make it a professional career. Kevin has had different career achievements playing in the National Basketball League. He has the NBA Most Valuable Player award and has two gold Olympic awards. His career is successful, and he has set the record in the family.