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Reinaldo Thorne was the father of popular celebrity Bella Thorne. Reinaldo left this world in 2007, he wasn’t overly popular or his work wasn’t a great piece of art that was considered memorabilia but still he is remembered and adored after so many years, let’s see why.

Reinaldo Thorne Family Life

Reinaldo was born in Cuba on 28 February 1963, he married Victoria Crosby and later divorced her and married Tamara. From his first wife, he had Kaili and from Tamara, he had three kids Remy, Dani and the youngest Bella. a private person and there isn’t much known about him either, no social media presence or memoir of any kind, all that is left of him is his family.

Reinaldo Thorne’s Death

Reinaldo was known to love riding bikes and cars and on 15 April 2007, he unfortunately was caught in a bike accident. He didn’t survive that accident, Reinaldo was just 44 years old at the time. There was no further development in his case and his death was a sudden shock to everyone, especially his family. Tamara was left a single mother looking out for three children.

Bella Thorne and her dad

Among Reinaldo’s kids Bella is the youngest one, she was just 9 years old when Reinaldo died in a bike accident. This seems like a very little time for a child to have a father but Reinaldo made an impression on Bella and other kids. They still remember him in good and bad times.

They say we go through four stages of grieving when our loved ones leave us for a better place. Bella is still going through all the stages and at random she expresses her feelings on social media and in interviews.

In Bella’s book the life of a wannabe mogul, she talks about her father and his death. She is remorseful and envious about her fathers death and says life was unfair to her when it came to fatherly love.

Bella again mentions her father in a bad image in a poem, she compares him to her insensitive ex-boyfriends and hates him for leaving too soon. In an interview Bella again mentions her father when she was asked if she had gotten her license yet, to which she replied of course not, she wouldn’t want to be responsible for other people’s loss.

Bella also mentioned her dad in another interview saying she made a song dedicated to her dad and it is mostly inspired by how he died, she just has the lyrics and no music or tune to it yet.

The recent memory that Bellas shared of her father was on Instagram where she is finally at peace with her father’s death and says she hopes he is happy in the afterlife and wishes he visits Bella in her dreams.


If Reinaldo Thorne was alive he would have been 60 now and living a happy life with his wife and four kids. His net worth was suspected to be around $1.5 million when he died. He only lives through his family and whatever time he spent with his family was so life-changing, his family remembers him even after so many years which really speaks volumes about what kind of man Reinaldo was. The only takeaway from Reinaldo’s life we can get is that when you are a better husband and father then you will be remembered for years to come, even if you don’t have money or fame.