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As the excitement of Rocket League 2022 continues into the final phase, there’s even more thrilling news for Season 9 of the coming year. A brand-new vehicle, special events, competitions and more, are sure to delight the 6 million players who rev up their engines on the soccer pitch every single day.

A New Season

Rocket League devotees never have time to mourn the loss of the last season as the new one usually begins on the same day. It’s no longer a rumor that both events are scheduled to cross paths on December 7th 2022. Players and audiences alike can expect the 2023 season to feature a live kick off on either December 8th or 9th. Check out Rocket League tournament times at for further details.

A New Automobile

The success of the Honda Civic R-LE that was available for Premium Rocket Pass holders during the last season, has inspired Psyonix to include another real life vehicle. During 2023, the Nissan Z Performance should be cruising into the Items Shop. It promises to be an exciting addition.

Powerful Engine

In the real world, the Nissan Z Performance is a powerful sports car with an aggressive 400 hp twin-turbo V6 engine. The classic, aerodynamic design enhances its performance when cruising at top speeds of up to 155 mph. In Rocket League, the Nissan Z Performance should be a powerful addition to any team’s fleet of cars.

Availability and Cost

The Nissan Z Performance won’t be available until May 26th 2023. It’s a special Limited Edition release that closes just a few days later on June 7th 2023. It should cost 1,100 credits in the Items Shop. As a Bundle offer, it should also include other new season features such as the explosive FaZe Clan Decal that automatically customizes itself to the owner’s team colors. There should also be audio, wheels and Dominus Hitbox.

Special Events

Nissan intend celebrating their Rocket League venture with a series of exciting,

online tournaments. The Nissan Crew Battles should kick off on May 26th to launch the Nissan Z Performance Bundle. Professional players will compete for prizes worth $25,000 in 3vs3, 2vs2 and 1vs1 soccer matches. The events’ hosts include Dazerin, Roll Dizz and Johnnyboi.

Decals for 2023

Rocket league is perfect for decals, and for 2023, they have all been redesigned. Every one of the current twenty-six teams can adopt a brand-new look for their vehicles whether they are playing home or away. They include decals for the teams in the recently added MENA Region that serves the Middle East and North Africa.

The brand-new decals will be waiting in the Items Shop from around October 11th 2022. They each cost 300 Esports tokens. The decals are suitable for Dominus, Octane and Fennec vehicles. Yet to be announced updates may arrive any time throughout 2023.