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Rose Lenore Sophia Blake is no one other than the daughter of American actor Robert Blake. Let’s read further about Rose, her life, tragic story, parents, and much more.

Brief Bio

Rose was born on 2 June 2000 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Her zodiac sign is Gemini. She is the daughter of Robert Blake and Bonny Lee Bakley. Her father is an actor by profession. When she was eleven months old her mother was shot dead in an American restaurant. She is an actress by profession. She is famous for the role in movies such as Save the Date, What If, Fixer Upper, and People Magazines Investigates. She is currently dating Jonah Li-Piaz.

Difficult Times After Her Mother’s Death

Recently, she has spoken about her mother’s death and the difficult times she went through after her death. She says that when the media and everyone was talking about her and her parents, she did not know anything about them. So, now she herself knows about them and wants to speak about the difficult time she has gone through. She says that when she was less than 1 year her mother was shot dead and father was charged with the murder of her mother. She was brought up by her half sister and her husband. She very well went through the childhood trauma due to such incidents. She even suffered anxiety and depression during her teenage years.

She speaks about an incident which happened in college while she was cheerleading for her football team. When she was cheerleading a paparazzi took pictures of her and posted in an article in the magazine. She says that this could have created a line or a difference between her and her classmates.

Tragic Story of Mother’s Death

Rose’ mother Bonny Bakley was born on 7 June 1956 in the United States. She was the second wife of Robert and Robert was her tenth husband. It is believed that she was very much fond of celebrity faces and always wanted to be friends with celebrities. Even her friends and acquaintances have told about her celebrity obsession.

It was on 4 May 2001, Blake and Bakley went to dinner at Vitello’s restaurant in Studio City, Los Angeles. She was shot dead while she was sitting in the car while it was parked on the side street of a restaurant. Later, she was buried at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Los Angeles.

Charges on Rose’s Dad after Mother’s Death

After her death, her husband Robert was charged for murder, solicitation of murder, and conspiracy. Though, the jury by 11-1 found him not guilty of all the charges put on him and even the court made a verdict in favour of him by acquitting him from the case.

Rose’s Dad: Robert

Rose’s Dad Robert was born on 18 September 1933 in Nutley, New Jersey, United States. He is an actor by profession. His famous movies are Bridal Suite, Joy Scouts, Dad for a Day, and Auto Antics. He came in the news due to the charges put on him after the tragic death of her wife Bonny Bakley. Though, he was found not guilty in the case.

Robert married Bakley in 1999 and they together had 1 child named Rose.


Rose lived all her life without the love of her mother and father. She lived her teenage years suffering from anxiety and depression. For her it was difficult to live but she did it and is now on a path to become a great actress.