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For many years, we have been watching the movies of Marvel Cinematic Universe and have been a fan of this fascinating world that has been created in front of our eyes. Whenever someone asks about our favorite superhero then, the characters of marvel come into our minds. The craze of marvel movies is not only limited to western countries but it has a great fan following all over the world. Not only the movies, but the shows created by the MCU are also super hits and are extremely liked by the viewers. And one of these shows is Runaways. It is one of the most popular superficial shows that have been made under the banner of Marvel Studios. The show was released in the year 2017 with its first season and there have been 2 more seasons of this show. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced some of the best superhero films ever made. While you’ve certainly seen most of them previously, there’s a decent chance you’ve missed a few items throughout the MCU. Marvel has done an incredible job of letting fans all over the world fall in love with its characters and narrative lines over the course of eleven years. The television series ‘Runaways’ or ‘Marvel’s Runaways is based on the Marvel Comics superhero team of the same name. The Runaways, a group of six teens, must put their differences aside and join together to defeat a shared foe: their criminal parents, who are supervillains in disguise. It is one of the most popular shows that is filled with lots of adventure and fictional characters that have been continued on the basis of the marvel movies and their characters.

After the release of the three seasons of Runaways, the fans are waiting for season 4 of Runaways. There was news that Marvel Cinematic Universe is preparing for another season of this show and soon the audience can watch it. Now, let’s find out whether it is true that Runaways Season 4 is coming or what is going to happen in this season. You can find the complete details here in this article.

Show Details 

TV Series: Runaways
Genre: Adventure


Teen drama

Directed by: Josh Schwartz

Stephanie Savage

Starring: Rhenzy Feliz

Lyrica Okano

Ariela Barer

Virginia Gardner

Gregg Sulkin

Allegra Acosta

Ryan Sands

Annie Wersching

Angel Parker

Kip Pardue

James Marsters

Ever Carradine

Brigid Brannagh

Kevin Weisman

James Yaegashi

Brittany Ishibashi

Julian McMahon

Clarissa Thibeaux

Place: United States
Distributor: Hulu
Original release: November 21, 2017- December 13, 2019
Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes: 33

Runaways Season 4 Release Date

Story Plot

The series follows a group of youngsters who find their parents who are actually members of a criminal organization called The Pride. This show is based on the Marvel comic that was created by Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona. The youngsters do as the title suggests and flee, but not before robbing their parents of some valuables. 

In the second season of the Runaways, they have fled their homes and they are now learning to live independently. Their parents made up their minds when children begin to comprehend that, for better or worse, they are stuck with each other as they scrounge for food, seek shelter, and care for one another. And it’s up to them to bring PRIDE down for good. However, Jonah received an enigmatic message. This is really an interesting plot that was depicted in Runaways.

What Happened in Runaways Season 3?

In the third season, the story has been continued with six youngsters from various backgrounds band together to fight a common foe: their criminal parents, who jointly dominate the Pride organization. The kids are now on the run from their parents, living on their own and trying to figure out how to stop Pride in the second season. Nico Minoru and the rest of the team are pitted against Morgan le Fay in the third season. Then, The Runaways frantically seek their kidnapped companions Chase Stein, Gert Yorkes, and Karolina Dean in Season 3. The youngsters face off against an invincible foe who has set his sights on Leslie, or more precisely, the child she’s carrying. Nico Minoru transports them all to a terrible realm ruled by Morgan le Fay, who is considerably more evil than anyone the youngsters have previously encountered.

Will there be any Runaways Season 4?

The third season follows the Runaways as they face Morgan le Fay, the most dangerous of all the villains they’ve encountered thus far (Elizabeth Hurley). The last season eventually brings all of the loose pieces together. The Runaways’ exploits include leaping into and out of the Dark Dimension, as well as beating Morgan. Gert, on the other hand, is regrettably killed in that great battle. Here, the sad news is that  Marvel and Hulu have revealed that Season 3 of the Runaways will be the final season, and fans will no longer be able to see their favorite TV superheroes fighting evil.

Release Date: Runaways Season 4

On December 13, 2019, Hulu released Season 3 of ‘Runaways’ in its entirety. The third season consists of ten episodes that range in length from 43 to 54 minutes. Here’s what we know about the potential of a fourth-season release. The show was renewed for a third season in March 2019, although it was later revealed that this would be the series’ final season. So, this has been very unfortunate for all the Marvel fans who have been waiting for this new season of Runaways since 2019. 

Why did Runaways Season 4 get Cancelled?

There has been no official word on why Season 4 of Runaways has been canceled. However, there could be a variety of reasons why a fourth season was canceled. To begin with, the show did not appeal to a large audience, garnering less than one million views in its first season. The show was simply not being seen by a large enough audience. Many viewers around the world were dissatisfied with the second installment because it failed to capture the essence of the comic book version of the story. The series may have been canceled due to poor ratings and a lack of interest.