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If you want to enjoy watching a dark comedy series, then Russian Doll will prove to be the best entertainment show for you. The show revolves around a character called Nadia, who while enjoying her special birthday moment, explores a strange act of dying, before hastily coming back to the beginning of her birthday. Besides comedy, you will also see the unexpected turnovers in the show, which are not repetitive. 

Natasha, the main leading role of Nadia, along with Leslye and Amy is known to be behind the writing and co-creation of the Russian Doll series. Whereas the credit of production of the latter show goes to Paper Kite Production with the other two. The premiere of the show first initially came two years ago in February. 

Russian Doll became a success with the first season in getting nominated for a prestigious award for comedy and lead actress in a comic role. Two years ago in June, the renewal of the second season of the series also came into being. Let us know more about this show in this article.

Show Details 

TV series: Russian Doll
Genre: Comedy, drama & mystery
Created by:  Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, & Leslye Headland
Directed by:  Leslye Headland, Jamie Babbit, & Natasha Lyonne
Place Of Origin: United States
Star cast: Natasha Lyonne, Greta Lee, & Yul Vazquez
Original language: English
Seasons: 1
Episodes:  8

Russian Doll Season 2 release date

Story Plot

Going to the story plot of Russian Doll, the action, mystery, and drama revolve around the character Nadia who is not at all interested in enjoying her birthday. The main twist in the show comes when she does something weird and crazy by walking across the road. 

She doesn’t even bother to look sideways and keeps walking on the busy street when suddenly she gets hit by a taxi. She lies in the pool of blood, almost on the verge of death. But something strange happens when Nadia returns and appears in the house of her best friend’s bathroom mirror. When the door gets thumped by someone, the birthday party Nadia comes at again. 

Nadia is shown as a strange girl who despite facing death multiple times, returns soon. Now, she seems to be something like a phoenix bird, who gets reborn again after death. There are times when she appears at the end of a full-day party, but Nadia always faces death repeatedly and comes back. And it keeps on going. 

Previously, she had this belief of being the drug effect that makes her feel hallucinations. But when she detects a person dealing in drugs, she realizes her presence at an indefinite time. She attempts to put an end to this ongoing weird activity she is experiencing.

Similar But Different With Groundhog

It is almost seen that the concept of the shows is derived from other show ideas. Viewers also find some similarities with a show called Groundhog Day. However, there is one main distinction that you must note while watching Russian Doll. The difference is the timeline, which is set again only with the death of Nadia, having no fixed timing.

There are times when she makes a comeback after another day, and sometimes she returns after death to a weird place. With every re-setting, the face of Nadia appears more miserable and giving up. She goes through this again and again and recalls what happened to her previously. 

Russian Doll appears to be a dark comedy show with a unique story of a character that dies multiple times and takes rebirth. This is one such factor that makes this action dark comedy worth watching. 


In the series of Russian Doll, many layers seem to conceal a horrendous core. With every aspect, we see Nadia experiences her past and faces it. She is shown as a woman who is least bothered and has a negative approach towards her loved ones including her mother, father, friends, and boyfriend. 

They all want her presence and love her unconditionally, but Nadia does the opposite by sweeping them away from her life. It is when she starts dying regularly, and then she realizes their importance and presence as much they want of her. 

Introduction Of Main Character

As you know the story of the Russian Doll revolves around the character Nadia, who dies multiple times but makes a surprise comeback once again. So let us get to know about the actress who plays this character. 

Natasha is the main actor who plays the role of Nadia in Russian Doll. She was born in 1979 April. Natasha is a multi-talented personality who is well-versed with acting, direction, and production. Natasha has also starred in other humor-based television series and got a prestigious nomination for them. 

At present, she is playing the role of Nadia in the latter comedy in Russian Doll. Natasha is also the creator, writer, and director of the show. Her name came into the list of nominations for the Emmy Awards. 

There are various television shows and films in which she has proved her acting prowess. She is the winner of the Young Hollywood Awards and also the Screen Actors Guild Award for the movies, American Pie and Orange Is The New Black. Don’t miss her television films like If These Walls Could Talk 2, and Loving Yeah.

Natasha Lyonne has appeared in several excellent films including the erotic comedy series American Pie, Slums of Beverly Hills, Scary Movie 2, All About Evil, Antibirth, and others. Natasha had faced a serious health issue related to a heart that had the infection. 

She would have entered the gallows of death had she not got it treated in time. And she did recover from it and has also shared it on a show, eight years ago. Currently, she is living in NYC with her husband Fred Armisen. 

Release Date Of Russian Doll Season 2

The first appearance of Russian Doll came two years ago on 1st February. In the same year (2019), Netflix decided to come up with season 2. It was supposed to air in 2020 but got derailed. But now it is expected to release in the current year, meaning 2021.