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When the name Bin Laden is mentioned, it rings a bell to the late Osama Bin Laden, a notorious criminal who had a global reputation. Well, Saad Bin Laden is one of the sons of Osama Bin Laden. Although he didn’t get global attention like his father, there is plenty you should know about him. This post shares some insights we’ve gathered about him.

Biography and Life History of Saad Bin Laden

Saad Bin Laden was born in 1979. He is the son of Osama Bin Laden. Like his father, Saad Bin Laden was part of Al Qaeda, and he was, in fact, being groomed to take after his father and continue in his terrorist work. However, he didn’t live to achieve his aspirations as he met his death in 2009.

Sadd was born in Jeddah. He was born into the Bin Laden family. Their reputation as being among the wealthiest families and their active participation in Al Qaeda made them infamous in some parts of the world.

Sadd’s paternal grandmother was a Syrian, and her name was Hamida al-Attas. However, Saad married a woman from Yemen. Following the 9/11 incident that claimed the lives of many Americans courtesy of his father, Sadd fled to Iran. However, he was placed under house arrest in Iran among other Al Qaeda leaders.

Saad took after his father’s footsteps in being a terrorist. For instance, he was implicated with a bombing that happened in Tunisia, where 19 people were killed on April 11, 2002. Moreover, he was also associated with another attack in Pakistan in March 2003, but his family disputed the claim, saying that Saad wasn’t responsible for it.

In 2009, US intelligence revealed that Saad had escaped the Iranian house arrest and was hiding in Pakistan. The intelligence was thanks to the US intercepting letters shared between Sadd and Khalid Bin Laden, his brother. Besides, Saad’s sister, Eman Bin Laden, also escaped from Iranian custody, and she went hiding in Saudi Arabia.

How Did Saad Bin Laden Die?

Saad died before his father. Reports shared by US officials mentioned that Saad was killed on July 22, 2009, following a CIA drone attack in Pakistan, where Saad was hiding. Although it wasn’t initially clear whether Saad was dead, reports later sealed the claim.

There were doubts that Saad was still alive, especially after a Taliban spokesman said that Saad was still alive. He gave the report two days after the air strike. However, no evidence was produced to confirm that Saad was still alive.

Following Osama Bin Laden’s death in 2011 after his house was raided, letters were found in his residence confirming that Saad had died in 2009. His younger brother was being groomed to take the position initially left for Saad, confirming that Saad was killed two years before the raid that killed his father.

Additionally, an Al Qaeda leader named Ayman shared a video message in 2012 stating that Saad Bin Laden had been killed in a drone attack in 2009. He shared this report in September 2012.