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Samatha Nichelle Robinson is a child star. She came into stardom because of her father, Bumper Robinson. Bumper Robinson has been a part of television shows, films, and voice acting careers. Due to his popularity, Samatha too has popularity.


Samatha Nichelle Robinson is the daughter of Katherine Penton and Bumper Robinson. She was welcomed into this world on 31st March 2011. She has two siblings, namely, Dakota Raemon and Braylon Colliato. The three siblings are often seen together with their father on social media posts. She has one aunt who is Lauren Robinson and her grandparents on paternal side are Natalie Robinson and LC Robinson.

Father And Their Relationship

Samatha and her father Bumper Robinson have been seen at several basketball games because of their shared love for sports. Her father Bumper Robinson is a famous  TV actor and voice actor. He has done an amazing job in his characters for “Scooby-Doo and The Ghoul School” and “Teen Titan” along with several other works that netizens hope Samatha would love to enjoy as she grows up. Not only that, Samatha and her father have been seen going out on trekking trips with the rest of the family.

Mother And Their Relationship

Samatha and her mother, Katherine Penton share a beautiful relationship. Not much is known about her past, but Katherine is from the USA and shares a nationalism towards the country that Samatha gets from her mother. Katherine is a mother to Dakota and Braylon just as much as she is a mother to Samatha which is sweet to see. The healthy mother-daughter relationship has given the netizens hope that Samatha too will grow up to be a lovely, humble, gentle woman like her mother.


Details about Samatha’s education are undisclosed. Despite being a celebrity child, she keeps her personal life quite private. This is probably something she learned from Katherine, her mother who is also private about her life and personal issues.

Social Media Presence

Katherine despite being a celebrity wife has always stayed away from the limelight. That is a trait that Samatha has received from her mother. She does not have a social media presence. She does not have an Instagram account or even a Facebook account. She may have a TikTok account but that is left up to speculation. Most of her pictures are seen on her father’s Instagram which usually showcases the loving family out trekking or at any matches. It is, however, well known that Samatha has shown a love for basketball so, one can expect to see more of her after she grows up and attends more games.

Net Worth

The net worth of Samatha is unknown. It is well known that her father has a net worth of $5 million. He has earned this by working as an actor and a voice actor for TV series and films. He has been active since the ’80s. Samatha’s mother’s net worth is also unknown. As mentioned above, Katherine always keeps to herself, and hence, no information regarding her job is known at all. Hence, Samatha’s net worth is difficult to estimate. However, it is well known that she leads a very comfortable life based on the pictures that are posted online by her family.


Samatha Nichelle Robinson is a lovely young girl of 12 who was born in stardom due to her father’s amazing work in the film industry. She leads a happy home life with her two siblings and her parents. Pictures of her happy life can be found on Instagram of Bumper Robinson.