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Nowadays the audience loves to know about a famous identity and their family members. Although it is quite obvious that they don’t like to reveal much about their personal life and other things. But the media acts as a bridge between the personalities and the audience. The media try to convey every minute detail about the beloved personality of the audience. Likewise, now the audience is up to know all about Samaya Hoover.

This article is presented in front of you to express every detail about who Samaya Hoover is. However, to comprehend the answer and other related evidence about her, keep reading the blog.

Samaya Hoover’s Early Life

Samaya Hoover is the daughter of Larry Hoover. She doesn’t have such a prominent identity.  But because of her father, she is in the limelight. Her father Larry Hoover is a well-known criminal from Chicago.

Samaya Hoover’s Father

Larry Hoover is the founder and leader of a Chicago street gang. However, he was the leader of the Black Gangster Disciple Nation, which is now called Gangster Disciples. In the initial days, Larry Hoover was so popular that people called him ‘King Larry’, ‘The King of Kings Honourable Chairman’, and ‘Prince Larry’. He was considered one of the biggest gangsters in Chicago.

Nonetheless, at present days Larry Hoover is at the ADX Florence supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. Over there he is serving six years of imprisonment. According to sources, till now no crime has not been committed by Larry Hoover.

Larry Hoover’s Early Life

Larry Hoover was born on 30th November 1950 in Jackson, Mississippi, U.S.

Larry Hoover’s Criminal Records

Larry Hoover’s gang GD is one of the criminal groups which was involved in murder, conspiracy, money laundering, drug dealing, extortion, shooting, assaults, etc. However, all of these criminal acts were done under the guidance of Larry Hoover. He had a very prominent and strong connection with the drug dealer from Chicago’s West Side to the United States. However, Hoover took his first step toward this world of crimes at the age of 12. As time passed, he and his crimes came out as one of the most vibrant news in the city. Nonetheless, this entire group and other leaders have helped him to get into a powerful position in the city.

Larry Hoover’s Family Life

This gangster has tried to live a normal life after getting married but destiny had some other plans. Larry Hoover gets married to Winndye Jenkins. The couple has two children named Jr., Larry Hoover, and Samaya Hoover.

Kanye West’s Controversy

One of the famous rappers of Chicago, Kanye West, desired to work with Hoover. However, he wanted to incorporate Hoover’s voice into this album. Because of this, he wanted him to be out of prison. To fulfill his goal Kanye West took appropriate and appeals to his ex-wife Kim Kardashian to help him with this. As Kim was working with Donald Trump.

Larry Hoover’s Net Worth

According to sources, Larry Hoover has a net worth of 100 million dollars.

Samaya Hoover’s Net Worth

Till now it is not known to anyone what Samaya Hoover is doing to lead her life. If her earning sources are not known then how can anyone find out her net worth?


It was not possible to collect much information about Samaya Hoover. Hopefully, this much information is enough to know to gain a brief description of Samaya Hoover.