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Shelley Mather Meyer is the wife of former American football coach Urban Meyer. Her name resurfaced online in 2021 after her husband was sacked due to poor performance. Shelley was defending her husband on Twitter after a video of him touching another woman’s backside was leaked. Shelley defended her husband as she said that we all make mistakes.

Early Life and Education

Little is known about Shelley Mather Meyer’s early life; she has not revealed much about her early life, moreso her parents’ and siblings’ details. Her birth year is unknown, but she was born in the 1960s. Regarding her education, Shelley Mather Meyer is an educated woman; she started her education in a local school before joining high school.

After completing her high school education, Shelley joined the University of Cincinnati for her undergraduate studies. In college, Shelley pursued a bachelor’s degree in nursing. She was a committed student and worked hard in her studies.

Professional Life

After completing her college education, Shelley Mather Meyer entered into nursing practice. She worked in various health facilities, and besides working as a nurse, Shelley has taught in multiple institutions. She is not a media-shy individual but has not been open about her other ventures besides nursing.

Love Life

Shelley Mather Meyer met Urban Meyer while in freshman college; they were both attending a party and seemed drawn to each other. At the time, Urban was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology, and he was also active in football and volleyball. After their first meetup, they picked up each other’s contact details and started communicating.

Over time, their friendship turned into a romantic relationship; they often went on dates together. Shelley dated Urban for about five years before they finally tied the knot in 1986. The couple has been together for over three decades, and despite the challenges, they have always been dedicated to each other.

Shelley and her husband have three grown children: Gisela, Nathan, and Nicole. She is a grandmother to her grandkids through all her children; Shelley likes spending time with them and sometimes posts their pictures on her social media pages, especially on Instagram.

The 2021-Twitter Saga

Shelley Mather Meyer is active on social media platforms such as Instagram and App X (formerly Twitter). Her stay on social media has had its ups and downs; in 2021, Shelley threatened to leave Twitter. She mentioned that people were attacking her, and this affected her mental health. Shelley felt that if she left Twitter, she would probably be at ease.

The issue started when Shelley Mather Meyer decided to defend her husband after a bar video appeared surfaced on Twitter. In the video, Shelley’s husband was seen drinking and touching a woman inappropriately after his team had suffered a loss. His fans and critics went on to say their minds; however, most of their comments were negative and others were directed towards his wife.

Shelley came to her husband’s rescue, but the same critics threw shade at her; this made Shelley very angry, and she threatened to leave Twitter.