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The present time has proven to be the golden period for art crossing the borders, especially films and web series. From K-drama shows to Scottish films, the barrier of language that once held art apart from borders, seems to have diminished by a great deal. If you are a fan of crime dramas and thrillers, you must consider watching Shetland.

Shetland is a Television sitcom that is based on the novels written by Ann Cleeves. It was originally made for the BBC Scotland, by ITV Studios. It is a crime drama series that was received warmly by audiences all across the world, especially in Britain, America, India, Australia, etc. 

Show Details:

TV Series: Shetland
Genre: Crime Drama
Created by:  Ann Cleeves 
Starcast: Douglas Henshall

Alison O’Donnell

Steven Robertson

Lewis Howden

Stewart Porter

Erin Armstrong

Mark Bonnar

Anne Kidd

Julie Graham

Running time: 10 March 2013 –


Producers Sue de Beauvoir

Peter Gallagher

Eric Coulter

Christopher Aird

Elaine Collins

Kate Bartlett

Editors: Joris Brouwers

Melanie Viner-Cuneo

David Fisher

Simon Starling

Original language: English, Scottish, Shetland dialect

Shetland Season 6 Release Date

More about the show:

Shetland is a crime drama series that is based on the novels, written by Ann Cleeves. The series stars Douglas Henshall, Alison O’Donnell, Steven Robertson, Lewis Howden, Stewart Porter, Erin Armstrong, Mark Bonnar, Anne Kidd, and Julie Graham in the leading roles. The background score for the show has been produced by John Lunn and since it is based in Scotland, the original language of the show is English and Scots in a Shetland dialect. 

The show has been produced by Sue de Beauvoir, Peter Gallagher, Eric Coulter, and Christopher Aird, Elaine Collins and Kate Bartlett are its executive producers. The cinematography of the show has been accomplished by Gavin Struthers, Jean-Philippe Gossart, Tim Palmer, and Stijn Van der Veken, and it has been edited by Joris Brouwers, Melanie Viner-Cuneo, David Fisher, and Simon Starling. 

The company involved in the show’s production is ITV Studios and the network on which it originally aired was BBC One. The show has had its five seasons released till now and the total number of episodes in the series has been 26.

 The first episode of the series premiered on 10 March 2013 the running time of each episode was approximately 57 minutes. The entire credit of bringing this excellent series based on the works of Ann Cleeves to the screen goes to David Kane. David has been its writer throughout the series and brought this gem of literature to screens.


Primarily based on the novel “Red Bones” penned by Ann Cleeves, the story develops on the lands of Shetland where the Cast members Douglas Henshall plays the role of Jimmy Perez and Alison O’Donnell who plays the role of Alison “Tosh” Macintosh serve their purpose. Jimmy Perez is a detective inspector working for Shetland Police. 

The story revolves around Jimmy Perez and his team investigating crime and serving justice within the close-knit Island. The isolated and inhospitable environment also brings upon situations where the team has to rely on a uniquely resourceful style of policing. One can compare it to the famous sitcom “slash” Cop show – Brooklyn Nine-Nine but it’s a lot more comic. The ruthless violence and classic cat and mouse scenarios between cops and the culprits make the show quite enjoyable.


Douglas Henshall essayed the role of Jimmy Perez, who is a detective inspector. Alison O’Donnell played the character of Alison “Tosh” MacIntosh, who works with Douglas Henshall and is a detective sergeant. Steven Robertson is featured as Sandy Wilson, who is a detective constable by profession.

Mark Bonnar essayed the role of Duncan Hunter, who is the biological father of Cassie. Julie Graham essayed the role of Rhona Kelly, who is a procurator fiscal. Lewis Howden played the role of Billy McCabe, who is also a police sergeant by profession. 

Erin Armstrong essayed the role of Cassie Perez, who is Jimmy’s stepdaughter and Anne Kidd played the role of Cora McLean, who is a forensic pathologist by profession. Stewart Porter essayed the role of Billy McBride, who is a police sergeant. This character was initially played by Lewis Howden.

Sandra Voe played the role of Mima Wilson, Claire Rafferty featured as Anna Haldane, Jim Sturgeon essayed the role of Ronald Haldane and Gemma Chan played the role of Hattie James. Geraldine Alexander essayed the role of Gwen James, Lindy Whiteford played the role of Jackie Haldane and James Greene featured as Andrew Haldane.


The series has had five seasons. The first season had two episodes, while the rest four seasons had 6 episodes each. The first episode of the series premiered on  10 March 2013 and was named “Red Bones – Part 1”. On 11 March 2013, its second episode was named “Red Bones – Part 2”.

The first episode of the second season was released on 11 March 2014 and was named “Raven Black – Part 1”. The second one was released on 18 March 2014 and was named “Raven Black – Part 2”. The third episode was named “Dead Water – Part 1”, the fourth episode was named, “Dead Water – Part 2”, the fifth episode was named “Blue Lightning – Part 1” and the sixth episode was named “Blue Lightning – Part 2”.

The first episode of the third season was released on 15 January 2016 and its last episode aired on 4 March 2016. The first episode of the fourth season was released on 13 February 2018 and its last episode was released on 20 March 2018. The first episode of the fifth season was released on 12 February 2019 and its last episode was released on 19 March 2019.

When will the sixth season be released?

The sixth season of the series was confirmed to release in 2020 but due to the corona pandemic, its production was delayed and hence the forthcoming procedure. As of now, it has been informed that the principal photography of the show has already begun in March and therefore its sixth season can be expected to release by the end of 2021.