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Several people have gained the limelight through their connections with renowned personalities and Sondi Wright can be regarded as one of them. She is known to the world because of her husband, Hunter S. Thompson, who is a very famous journalist and writer.

Sondi Wright’s Family

Sondi Wright Was known widely as Sandra Dawn Thompson. Details about her personal life are kept under wraps. She came into the spotlight only after her relationship with the world-famous Journalist, Hunter S. Thompson.

Hunter Stockton Thompson was born on July 18, 1937, into a middle-class family in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. He was the first of four sons of Virginia Davison Ray, who worked as head librarian at the Louisville Free Public Library, and Jack Robert Thompson, a public insurance adjuster and World War I veteran. Hunter’s first and middle name, Hunter Stockton, came from his maternal grandparents, Prestly Stockton Ray and Lucille Hunter. Hunter had 3 brothers: James Garnet Thompson, Davison Wheeler Thompson, and James R. Thompson, Jr. When he was 14, his father died of myasthenia gravis at age 58. Hunter and his brothers were raised by their mother. Virginia was described as a “heavy drinker” following her husband’s death.

For his schooling, Hunter went to I.N. Bloom Elementary School, where he co-founded the Hawks Athletic Club. In 1952, Thompson became a member of the Athenaeum Literary Association, a school-sponsored club dating back to 1862. As a member, he contributed articles to the club’s yearbook, The Spectator. However, in 1955, Hunter was expelled from the group after serving as an accessory to a robbery. Moreover, he spent 31 days in prison for his crime.

In May 1962, Hunter traveled to South America for a year as a correspondent for the Dow Jones-owned weekly paper, the National Observer. He spent several months in Brazil as a reporter for the Rio de Janeiro-based Brazil Herald, the country’s only English-language daily. His longtime girlfriend Sondi joined him in Rio. They married on May 19, 1963, shortly after returning to the United States, and lived briefly in Aspen, Colorado. Sondi was eight months pregnant when they relocated to Glen Ellen, California. Their son, Juan Fitzgerald Thompson, was born in March 1964. In 1980, Hunter divorced his wife Sondi.

Hunter married his assistant, Anita Bejmuk, who is 35 years younger than him, on April 23, 2003.  An avid user of alcohol and illegal narcotics, Hunter killed himself at the age of 67, on February 20, 2005, following mental health issues.

Sondi Wright’s Net Worth

Sondi Wright is a celebrated wife who has been enjoying her husband’s fame and luxurious life. Her husband, Hunter Thompson is a well-known journalist and author who founded the gonzo journalism movement. He wrote the influential “Hell’s Angels,” and contributed articles to numerous publications. Author Tom Wolfe has called him the greatest American comic writer of the 20th century. He amassed enough wealth from his career to be worth an estimated $5 million.