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Apart from usual Hollywood films, people seem much drawn towards animated films and the characters that become iconic for them. To name one big example is Spirit Riding Free. This animated series itself can remind you of a horse movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. This was an awesome animated movie that no one can miss watching. It was even nominated for the Oscar award. 

With the Spirit Riding Free animated series, you can reimagine the movie on which it is based upon. Like we saw in the movie, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, the story highlights the bonding of a horse named Spirit with a young girl called Lucky. The same can be expected from the animated series Spirit Riding Free. 

It is the best-animated show for young viewers and is said to be a hit with all its previous seasons so far on Netflix. The production of this animated series is done by DreamWorks. The premier of Spirit Riding Free’s first season took place in 2017 on 5th May. After some months came the second installment of the series on 8th September in the same year. 

After the final closure of the second season, the computer-animated series came up with a third season for its viewers in November 2017. And so followed the remaining seasons. The premiere of the eighth season aired two years ago around the world. With the success of its previous seasons so far, Spirit Riding Free has indeed garnered a massive fan following of animated lovers. 

The series came up with the movie adaptation called Spirit Untamed which was released this year (2021) on 4th June. And now it seems they are craving for the new installment which is season 9 of the latter animated series. So let us find out in this article whether it is going to happen or if it is canceled.

Show Details 

TV Series: Spirit Riding Free
Genre: Animation & adventure
Based on: Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
Developed by: Aury Wallington
Place: United States
Voice-Over artists: Amber Frank, Sydney Park, Nolan North & others
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 8
Number of episodes:  52 (+ 8 webisodes)

Spirit Riding Free Season 9 Release Date

Story Plot

Spirit Riding Free animated series comes up with an interesting and engaging storyline around a twelve-year-old girl named Lucky who lives in a small town called Miradero. While traveling on a train, she comes across a mustang horse called Spirit. When it catches the attention of professional animal handlers, it is taken for training. 

However, luck favors the stallion when he gets freed by Lucky, and soon both develop a special bond with each other. She also gets friendly with other characters like Pru and Abigail. Where Pru is the owner of a talented horse, Chica Linda, Abigail has a friendly stallion called Boomerang. Together they form a trio group PALs and keep exploring the adventures with their owned horses. 

Voice Actors Of Spirit Riding Free Characters

Besides a script, some actors make any film or a television show appealing to be watched. But what if the film or a TV show comes with an animated version? In that case, there are voice artists who become the voice of the characters and make them live for the viewers. So let me introduce you to some talented actors who have voiced the characters in the latter animated show. 

Amber Frank

She plays the mainstream character Lucky, the young brave 12-year-old girl who frees the horse Spirit from the clutches of wranglers. She is shown as a free-spirited person who doesn’t adhere to any rules. Born in 1988 on 2nd December, Amber is a very talented actress from America. She is known for her character in the American television sitcom series The Haunted Hathaways

Sydney Park

Sydney plays the character of Pru in the animated series Spirit Riding Free. She is shown as a person with intellect and someone aware of everything. Besides being a brave girl, she also has a kind heart. Sydney was born in 1997 on 31st October. She is a comedian and actress from America. 

The American actress is much known for her character in the horror flick, The Walking Dead, and an American sitcom Instant Mom. She will also be one of the star cast of There’s Someone Inside Your House, a film that will be released in 2021 on Netflix. 

Bailey Gambertoglio

Bailey plays the third girl Abigail from the PALs trio. She owns a Boomerang horse. Abigail is shown as a girl who is not much of a rebellious nature. She is often seen as a funny and sweet girl. But Abigail is not far behind her two friends Lucky and Pru in being courageous and smarter than them. 

She is a talented voice actress from America. She has shown her prowess with Bubble Guppies, an animated show on the Nickelodeon channel. Bailey has also voiced for other characters in other animated shows. And at present, she has voiced Abigail in the animated series Spirit Riding Free. Bailey is just 21 years old.

Rating Of Spirit Riding Free: Is It Worth To Be Watched?

When it comes to reviewing Spirit Riding Free, then this animated series has got a mixed rating. Somewhere it got only 6.4 out of 10, whereas on Common Sense Media, it got a good rating with four stars. Overall, I would say, you won’t regret watching this animated show. 

Season 9: Is It Coming Or Cancelled?

The seventh season of Spirit Riding Free had already taken place in November 2018. Witnessing too much excitement from the fans, Netflix came up with an eighth season in the following year 2019 in April. Following the show’s pace, viewers had expected the 9th season of the animated series by the end of 2020. But it got delayed due to the global pandemic problem of coronavirus. It is expected to come at the year-end (2021).  

What About Spirit Untamed 2 Release: Will It Also Be Coming Or Not?

The series movie adapted version Spirit Untamed is a new fresh animated movie that came out in 2021 on 4th June. If you are expecting another new sequel of the latter film, then sorry, it won’t be possible before 2023.