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Star vs the forces of evil debuted on 21st September 2015, and it has four seasons, with the last season airing on 19th May 2019. So, will season five come anytime soon? To learn about this and much more about the fifth season of Star vs the forces of evil. Ensure you read this article to the end.

About Star Vs the Forces of Evil

This action, adventure, comedy, fantasy, and magical animation Tv series is the first woman-created animated Tv series. The creator of this Tv series is Daron Nefcy, and its development was by Dave Wasson and Jordana Arkin.

This animation airs on Disney Channel and Disney XD. The first to the third season aired on Disney XD while the fourth season aired on Disney Channel. Currently, it has seventy-seven episodes with one hundred and forty segments. Each segment runs for eleven minutes.

The Release Date of Season 5

After the end of the fourth season of Star vs the forces of evil, you are waiting for season five’s official communication. Before you learn about the release date, will there be a season five?

Presently, the producers haven’t announced any news about the fifth season. But according to Disney Channel, the fourth season was the finale of the Tv series. This means that season five will not be renewed.

But many fans of the animated series are pushing the producers to consider a renewal for season five. So, as of now, we can confirm that there is no news about the release date of Stars vs the forces of evil season five.

Star Vs the Forces of Evil Plot

The plot of this television series bases on the magical princess ‘Star Butterfly.’ She hails from Mewni (an alternate universe). Star Butterfly is the heiress of the Butterfly Kingdom’s royal throne.

On her fourteenth birthday, Star is given an heirloom wand, which is a family tradition. One day she burnt the family castle leading her parents (King River and Queen Moon Butterfly) to send her to earth as a foreign exchange student. They did this to protect Butterfly.

The objective of her being sent to earth was to help Star continue her training in magic. When she arrives on earth, Butterfly becomes friends with Marco Diaz. Their friendship led to Star Butterfly’s stay with Diaz’s family in Los Angeles. She went to Echo Creek Academy for her studies, which is in LA.

A threat, ‘Ludo’ from Mewni, was also in the school that made Star and Marco be cautious and protect the heirloom wand. Ludo was the leader of a group of monsters in Mewni, and it would be dangerous if Ludo gets a hand to the wand.

Star vs the forces of evil

Marco Diaz and Star Butterfly

Protecting the wand takes a very challenging turn after other monsters from Mewni come to earth to search for the wand. Star and Marco discover that Meteora Butterfly, Toffee, and Eclipsa are in town and looking for her.

These monsters are way more dangerous than Ludo, and Star has to be cautious and guard the wand against them.

If a fifth season is renewed, we expect to see the Star Butterfly and other magicians finding a solution to remove the spell on her mom Queen Moon Butterfly used to resurrect the warriors. This is not an easy task as she and the other magicians will lose their powers if they cast out the spell.

Suppose it happens. Star cannot meet her lover Marco Diaz. Another thing we expect is to see the relationship between Marco and Star in the fifth season. At the end of season four, we were left not knowing whether the two’s relationship status.

So, let’s be hopeful that the producers will renew this Tv series.

Awards and Nominations

This television animated series has received various nominations in different film awards and has won some of the nominations.

Here are the awards Star Vs the forces of evil has won.

  • 6th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards (2016) – Best male lead vocal performance in a television series (Marco Diaz), Best female lead vocal performance in a television series (Star Butterfly), and Best vocal ensemble in a television series (Star Vs the forces of evil).
  • 45th Daytime Emmy Awards – The Outstanding individual achievement in animation.

Therefore, out of all their thirteen nominations, it has won five awards. This shows how fans love this Tv series.

News from Daron Nefcy

According to the Tv series creator Daron Nefcy, she would like to continue the animation either as a spin-off or a film adaptation. Let’s wait and see if this will happen.

Reaction from Fans

Out of more than ten thousand reviews on IMDB, Star vs the forces of evil has a rating of eight out of ten.


This is all information we have on Star Vs the forces of evil. If we get updates about the fifth season, be sure we will update you.