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As we all know, people are becoming really attracted to the fascinating series of stars and the universe. The popularity of these science fiction movies and shows has always been at a peak after their release. People have always been amazed by the Star Wars series as the concept of science fiction is very unusual and unreal. The themes and visuals that we see in these shows are some extraordinary works of science and technology. We can just see the magic of the human brain like how far it can think and imagine a new world that can create a sensation amongst the audience.

The show ‘Stargate Universe’ is one of the great shows in the science fiction category that has always remained on the minds of its fans. The audience of this show has always waited for the next season of this TV franchise. The show is based on some time travel and spaceship concept where a group of people have lost their way to the earth by traveling towards the milky way galaxy. The concept of this show is very unique and creative, involving the use of VFX and high-level technology.

The show has already released its 2 seasons around 11 years back. The first season of the film was released in the year 2009 in the month of October. Then, after one year, the second season premiered in the USA in the year 2010. Now, it has been 10 years since the last release of the season of Stargate Universe. Fans are eagerly waiting for the next season to come as soon as possible. The rumors about the Stargate Universe Season 3 have buzzed quite many times in the market. But, there are viewers who are still waiting for their favorite show.

Let’s find out when season 3 of Stargate Universe is going to air. And is the news about the Stargate Universe actually true? If yes, what is the date of release and who is the cast of the next awaited season. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Stargate Universe (SGU)
Genre: Military Science Fiction drama
Directed by: Brad Wright

Robert C. Cooper

Starring: Robert Carlyle

Louis Ferreira

Brian J. Smith

Elyse Levesque

David Blue

Alaina Huffman

Jamil Walker-Smith

Ming-Na Wen

Place: USA
Distributor: SyFy, MGM Television
Original release: October 2, 2009
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 40

Stargate Universe Season 3: Release Date

Story Plot 

The highlight of the story is based on the destiny of a starship that had been sent many million years ago by the race known as the Ancients from the Milky Way galaxy. Several spacecraft were sent ahead of it to plant Stargates throughout the universe. The Ancients had intended to use the Stargate aboard Destiny to board that ship after it had traveled far enough into the cosmos, but the idea was shelved. Due to energy constraints and the lack of any nine-chevron addresses recorded anywhere until Destiny’s address was discovered in Atlantis’ database, an address consisting of nine chevrons would have to be dialed to reach this ship, a possibility that had been unknown in the previous Stargate series due to energy constraints and the lack of any nine-chevron addresses recorded anywhere until Destiny’s address was discovered in Atlantis’ database. So, this is how the story moves forward with the struggle of the group returning to their homeland.

Flashback to Stargate Universe

Stargate Universe is a science fiction television series produced in Canada and the United States. The show presently has two seasons, and fans believe there will be a third due to the suspense ending in Season 2. Stargate Universe was first launched in the United States on October 2, 2009, and it immediately drew attention due to its unique storyline. The show’s creators then decided to make another part of the show that came out as the second season in December 2009, and it finally premiered in September 2010.

Actors such as Robert Carlyle, Louis Ferreira, and others appeared in the show. The plot of the show centers around a group of actors who become trapped in an unknown location distant from the Milky Way galaxy. The main story and the basic theme have already been discussed above.

Why did Stargate Universe Season 3 get canceled in 2011?

Yes, it is true that there were preparations to make the third season of this show in 2011 just a year after the release of the second season. But, it couldn’t happen for certain reasons. The edgier tone of Stargate Universe was well received by fans of the franchise, but the show suffered in the ratings. Due to a gradual fall in viewership throughout the first season, the show’s time slot was changed in season 2 which ultimately led the ratings to fall even worse. SYFY confirmed that the show will not be renewed for a third season, and it ended in 2011. However, there were chances that the makers of the show might give it a season end by closing the open ending of the last season.

A Fan launched the Stargate Universe Season 3

In 2014, a fan initiated the Kickstarter to get the sponsorship for another season of Stargate Universe. The foundation would have gotten joy out of the possibility of generating nearly $27 million to support the third season if it had been involved in this endeavor. Clearly, this objective fell short and could not achieve its goal even if it had miraculously collected the funds, there was no guarantee that another season would have occurred.

Stargate Universe Season 3: Is it Coming or Not?

In 2011, the makers of the Television series have clearly declined the plan to release season 3 of the show because of their declining popularity and funds. Many fans wanted to know the continuing story which was left closed in the second season. For them, they can read the further progress and suspense of the story in the comic published on the same page. Stargate Universe has been continuing in the form of a graphic novel since 2017, even without Season 3. You can still count yourself fortunate if you wish to know what happens in the Stargate Universe.