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Rebecca Sugar creates it for the Cartoon Network. It marks an achievement of having a woman creating animation for the Cartoon Network. The series “Steven Universe” has released five seasons up to date. It was premiered from November 2013 to January 2019.  The show involves Steven Universe, a young boy living with the crystal Gems humanoid aliens in Beach City, a fictional town. 

The aliens are named Pearl, Amethyst, and Garnet. The central theme of the show involves family, the importance of good interpersonal relationships, and love. In 2019, it received an award of GLAAD Media Award as an outstanding kid’s ad Family Program. In the same year, it also Peabody Award for Children’s and Youth Programming. Additionally, it was nominated for five Annie Awards and five Emmy Awards.

Is the season renewed or canceled

Even though the show has not hinted at its renewal, it has not been canceled. With time, it will be aired back, which is the expectation of many fans. Steven universe season 6 may have taken longer to be released due to the coronavirus pandemic. It paralyzed many firms, including the entertainment sector, in which it was not possible to shoot the new seasons. Therefore, be patient as there are hopes that the season will be renewed soon.

The release date of Steven Universe Season 6

There are no set dates by the creator on when the season will be released next. The release was to a greater extent affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It made it hard for the crew to make their shoot hence the delay. However, it is speculated that Steven Universe Season 6 may be released later in 2021 and the latest early months of 22. With the way it gained popularity from the previous seasons, it is evident that many people are awaiting its release. Therefore, it will be released soon if there is no kind of hindrances.

The cast of Steven Universe Season 6

Steven Universe Season 6

Steven Universe Season 6

Steven Universe is likely to bring back the characters who appeared in the preceding seasons. It will be great fun to have these amazing characters to get back to our screens. The characters who are expected to be on this new season include; Estelle Swaray as Garnet, Michaela Dietz as Amethyst, Zach Callison as Steven Universe, Shelby Rabara as Peridot, and Deedee Magno as Pearl or Pink Peal. 

Additionally, Crystal Gem Leader Garnet was voiced by Estell, and Zack Callison, an American Star, voiced Steven. Charlyne Yi portrays Ruby Gems as really beautiful. There may be new characters as series keep on adding new incidences that may need a different personality. However, it has not been said if there will be new characters in this season.

The plot

There is a great likelihood of season 6 to be a continuation of the previous season. The first episode is concerned with the Gems, while the second one portrays how Steven is not happy with the Gems. He is unhappy because the Gems opt to get work in Beach City. In the two scenes, Steven gets to work with his associates to help Diamond fix the scar on her face.

 In the new season, Steven will go up against an unexpected alliance. Steven needs to handle the surprising new development when still trying to adjust to his life. It seems to be so captivating to the viewers hence deserves much anticipation.

When should we expect on Steven Universe Season 6?

The dates on the possible release of the new season have not been confirmed. It may have been released in 2020, but the pandemic stroke greatly affected the show’s shoot.  The showrunner has not hinted at the dates, but hopefully, it may be in the fall of 2021. 

Having gained a worldwide audience, many fans are waiting for its release. Therefore, when the release dates are confirmed, we will bring them to your awareness. Hence, it is high time you stop believing in the said rumors, which only bring you frustration and nothing more.


The release of the first seasons of Steven Universe brought it great popularity. The fan base also grew worldwide as it is a show worth watching. The series has also received several awards for its incredible output. Even if you are not a great fan of watching, this can be a different case once you try watching. 

It will automatically grab your attention and will be yearning to get the other seasons. Therefore, if you have not watched it, you can grab yourself from season 1 to season 5 as they are readily available. Even though the release date of Steven Universe season 6 has not been confirmed, it is believed to be around later in 2021. Hence, your long wait will come to an end soon.