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Several star kids have gained lots of recognition and proficiency because of their parents without doing anything. This is because of the curious soul of society. People love to peek into the life of celebrities and their kids. Because of this, the kids accumulated popularity. Just the way Asaundra Lumpkin has gained. She is the daughter of two famous American rappers named Ginuwine and Solé. Both of these personalities have earned huge fame and respect because of their incredible work.

The article will provide a brief idea about who Asaundra Lumpkin is? As you will proceed with the box you will get to know about several other people who are related to her. So, keep reading the article.

Asaundra Lumpkin’s Personal life

Asaundra Lumpkin was born on 29th March 2001 and is the daughter of Ginuwine and Solé. She is the grandchild of Phyllis Frazier, James II Lumpkin, James Johnston and Sandra Lumpkin. At present, she is 21 years old and trying to achieve her goal. However, it is known to everyone that celebrities don’t like to disclose much about their kids. Likewise, neither Asaundra Lumpkin nor her parents have explained anything about what she is doing or what she wants to be in her upcoming days.

Asaundra Lumpkin’s Father

Elgin Baylor Lumpkin AKA Ginuwine is a well-known American singer and songwriter. Apart from music he has also showcased his acting skills in several dramas. Ginuwine was born on 15th October 15, 1970, in Washington, D.C. Before stepping into the world of music he acquired his graduation degree from Forestville High School in 1986. Later on, Ginuwine stepped into the Prince George’s Community College in Largo, Maryland to gain a paralegal associate’s degree. His career kick started in the early 1990s. However, after a long struggle, Ginuwine came up with his debut album, titled “Ginuwine…The Bachelor” in 1996. However, his second album “100% Ginuwine” became a big hit which comprised several singles like “Same Ol’ G”, “So Anxious” and “None of Ur Friends Business”.

After having a successful career, he also had a kind good relationship. In 1999 he met Solé and after a long-term relationship, the couple got married on 8th September 2003, in the Cayman Islands. However, in 2014 the couple decided to end their marriage and finally get divorced on 22nd July 2015.

Asaundra Lumpkin’s Father’s Net Worth

Ginuwine has a net worth of approximately 1.5 million dollars.

Asaundra Lumpkin’s Mother

Tonya Michelle Johnston AKA Solé is an American rapper. She came to the world on 17th July 1973 in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. Her debut album was “Skin Deep” because of which she had gained a nomination at the Billboard Music Awards where she was nominated for the “Rap Artist of the Year”. After this, she has never taken back. On 29th September 2019, Solé came up with her second album “Encoded”. Meanwhile, she has appeared in several music videos and gained fame.

Asaundra Lumpkin’s Mother’s Net Worth

Sole has a net worth of approximately 8.5 billion dollars.


Asaundra Lumpkin is the daughter of two hardworking personalities and it is quite acceptable that this essence has come to her also. It is not possible to gather more information about Asaundra Lumpkin as she loves to be in a private shell. Hopefully, this article about Asaundra Lumpkin will help the audience to know about her.