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The popular supernatural series, season fifteen, concludes. It waved goodbye to both Sam and Dean Winchester. This happened after the end of the epic journey and story.

Many questions from fans are that will it take on another turn? is there be supernatural season 16? is there any chance that it will happen? Follow me the answering your questions.

The plot of supernatural season fifteen finale

The fifteenth supernatural series finale was termed as carrying on. All the fans witnessed the series say goodbye to both San and Dean after the beautiful story. The show began back in the year 2005, where the show attracted a huge audience.

Fans liked the strong and incorporation of powerful chemistry between Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. The show also received a massive boost after the producers decided to add Misha Collins in the series, who acted as the angel Castiel.



Season four of the supernatural movie welcomed a high increase rate of popularity. Since then, the show has been able to maintain its fans. As a result of more and more episodes, many fans have been flowing in as well.

Why the Series Ended

Are you aware that the CW Network canceled the ending of season 15? However, season fifteen of supernatural concluded. It was a joint creativity idea decided by all the stars and producers of the show, though it was a challenging idea for the stars.

According to Ackles from the interview conducted at Vegascon in 2019, he said it wasn’t an easy choice. Stated that it took them many months to conclude as nobody wished to see the show fizzle out.

After the 15 years of the show premiering on the screens, supernatural had begun to include other brand new stories to tell, and all those involved anticipated doing any extra work.

Supernatural Season 16- Will it Happen

Sam and Dean, both the actors, have been to the situation. They were almost dead more than once in season fifteen. However, in the end, the production team worked hard to ensure that they deliver the best show of the finale series. Their hard work definitely gave them the best results they were searching for.

Dean met his death on his way to hunt, and while he was taking his last breath, he makes a promise to Sam that he should not let him live. Flash-forward portrayed that sam served until he was in an aged hut where he was living with his son.

Sam also took his peaceful last breath in his bed. After his death, he proceeded to heaven, where he was lucky to meet with both Dean and Impala. Thus the season was concluded, showing the two stars hugging each other. This was so emotional. The end of the season was pleased. Hence, there are high possibilities to have the next episode of supernatural.

The season can continue as there are characters whose stories are to be completed. Sam’s san can be concluded. Where the possibility is that he may take over his father’s legacy if you had a keen look, you could realize that he had an anti-possession of a tattoo of his son’s body.

This implied that he would later become a hunter. However, there is no confirmed news about it. We a hoping that there might be an upcoming season.

Is There Any Trailer Available for Supernatural 16?

Season 15 of supernatural was the last and the end of the show, whichever was released. Therefore, there is no possibility of having a trailer for the next portion available for now. In case of any other updates will not hesitate to update you here.

Supernatural season 16: Release Date

There is yet a release date announced for supernatural season 16 from its production as per the current situation. Suffice stated that the show will not revive for a reasonable duration of time. The question on many fans is, will the show ever come back? The status of the movie and its plot give it the mandate to make its return on the screens. For many years the show has set the base of a huge number of fans for its self. It’s not possible to say that a series that runs for many years will never come back.