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Taboo has been a famous hit starring Tom Hardy. Back in 2017, BBC announced the second season of Taboo but still no news is seen about the Season 2 of the television series. Fans have been waiting patiently for the past 5 years for the second season of Taboo but there has been no news since 2017.

However, the fans can feel a bit relieved since the creator of the Taboo series Steven Knights has told Spencer in an interview that is indeed going to be a Taboo Season 2. Steven Knight who has co-created the show with Tom Hardy and his father Chips Hardy confirms the concept and creation of the second season the Taboo.

Steven has confirmed that there are going to be 8 episodes in the second season as well and the story and concept of 6 episodes have been written. They are trying to align their stars in the right direction start filming and get their star Tom Hardy back on the sets.

It is not unknown that Tom Hardy’s schedule is jam-packed and he is unable to devote time to the Taboo season 2.

What is the Taboo Series Season 1 all about?

Taboo series is a Television series created by BBC. It is based on a concept given by Tom Hardy and his father Chips Hardy. The story is set in the Victorian era of 1814 where James Delaney comes back to England after spending a gruesome 12 years in Africa. He does not come back alone but comes with stolen diamonds. The Taboo series is all about the dark side of London in the early 19th century. It explores and describes the corruptions, gangs, rising rebellion, misery, and struggle of the working class and the enormous increase in wealth and airs of the rich in London during that time and era.

In the first season, we saw that James Delaney inherited Nootka Sound which is a piece of the ocean from his father. That piece of the ocean can be a game-changer in the 1812 war and the British government and other people have their eyes on it, especially the East India Company. The show ended with a huge mystery that just as the Delaney boarded a ship, they didn’t sail to Nootka Sound but instead flew the American flag claiming themselves to be Americans. In the ending line, Delaney said that he needed to meet Colonnade.

This mysterious ending has left the fans waiting desperately for the second season. They don’t just want to see the exceptional performance of Tom Hardy but also want all their questions answered. Why did Delaney not head to Nootka Sound? Why did they claim to be Americans?

Who was Colonnade? And why does Delaney has to meet himThe series has been directed by Kristoffer Nyholm for the first four episodes. After him, Anders Engström took over and directed the remaining 4 episodes of the series.

The Taboo series has received favorable reviews and has a 7.3 rating. The series is known for the exceptional performance of Tom Hardy in the series.

More Waiting on the Line

Although the creator and writer, Steven Knight has confirmed the existence of Taboo Season 2. Still, the starting of filming and the airing of the episodes is a long way to go.

Knight has said that due to the busy schedule of Hardy, they are unable to start shooting. It could only be started until after early 2023 when Hardy is free and can devote his time to season 2 of the Taboo series.

Hardy in an interview has said that he is very passionate about Taboo and has enjoyed working on the project. He has a strong longing to go back to season 2 but is unable to do so because of his packed schedule. He said he has enjoyed season 1 and wants to get fulfilled by season 2 of the taboo series.

What is Season 2 of the Taboo Series will be about

The tantalizing and the exciting climax at which season 1 ended have all set the stage and drama for the second season. One thing is for sure season 2 of the series is going to be explosive. We will be following James Delaney to the new world of America and exploring the politics, corruption, and business environment there.

However, there is going to a halt at Ponta Delgada. This archipelago is a remote Portuguese territory located in the very middle of the Atlantic Ocean. These islands are on the way to the New World of America and our second season might evolve and gets its final shape at these islands.

Knight has also revealed on one of the occasions, that the Season 2 of the Taboo series is going to be about losers and America. So, we have known that our main lead Delaney will be going to America for sure. It will not be the America of today as we know it, but America of 1814, the century in which this whole series is set.

Also, we know that Delaney’s father used to own a piece of land in North America apart from the Nootka Sound.

What does the Creator Steven Knight have to say about the Season 2 of Taboo?

Knight has very unique and exclusive thoughts about the whole project. He confirms that there are going to be only 8 episodes in the next series as well out of which 6 have already been written.

Further, Knight has told an interview that the series is most likely to end after the third season. So guys, who have been waiting patiently for the second season, just wait and watch and you will get more than you have imagined. Not only a second season but also a third one.

Further, according to Steven, The first season of the taboo series was like a flight and had the initial hiccups of Delaney’s journey. The second season is all about Journey and he will be exploring himself as well as the unpredictable journey to America. Finally, the third season is going to be an arrival, where all the struggles and hardships and the constant fear of death will end and a new life with hope and love will continue for Delaney.

Since the third season is an arrival, it can be safely said the second season won’t see the shores of America. It will be the journey of Delaney and his crew from the shores of England to the shores of America. The journey and experience through the ship, through his crew, through the island, and places they will encounter along the way.