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Talia Elizabeth Jones is a celebrity daughter of Hollywood personality David Jones. Her mother Dexie Linda Haines is also a renowned fashion designer. Nevertheless, Talia herself earned fame with her exclusive landscape designs appreciated by famous models, celebrities, and others. Let’s find out about this interesting personality called Talia in this celebrity article.


Talia’s father is David Jones. He was a lyricist, actor, and businessman by profession. He married three times during his lifetime. His very first marriage was with Dixie Linda Haines and Talia is the daughter of both of them. Both of them married in December 1967. Jones kept his marriage secrete for a long period till Talia’s birth. For that reason, he faced outrage from his fans. However, the marriage lasted merely for 8 years, and in 1975 both of them separated after a divorce. Sarah Lee Jones was the second child of this marriage. In the year 1981, on January 24th, David married Anita Pollinger. This marriage lasted for 15 years and ended in 1996. In the year 2009, David Married third time to Jessica Pacheco, and this marriage lasted till David’s death.

Dixie Linda Haines, Talia’s mother was a successful fashion designer and actor. She worked on her biography.

Personal Life

Talia was born in England, on 2nd October 1968. She was brought up in Wimbledon, UK. She is a famous landscape designer and a businesswoman. She followed her childhood passion to become a landscape designer and her work includes movies like Showgirl and The Thin Red Line. However, she is much acknowledged for her work in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She loves horses and horse riding. She inherited this quality from her father. She has a sister sibling and two half-sisters Jessica Lillian Jones born on 4h September 1981 and Annabel Charlotte Jones born on 26th June 1988. Both of the half-sisters are from her stepmother Anita Pollinger.

By birth Talia is Libra and by 2022 she is 53 years old. Talia married Jay; however, Jay’s personal information is unknown. The duo lives in California with a dog. They don’t have any children and do not expect any in upcoming years.

Net Worth and Social Media

Talia is a professional designer and businesswoman; however, her net worth is unknown. Nevertheless, her family has a good sum of worth. She inherited a least a few million USD from her actor and musician father. We tried looking hard for any clues about Talia on social media but could not get any glimpse of her on it. Maybe because her profiles are strictly private.


Apart from her father’s three marriages and divorces, she was not involved in any controversy. She married once and is loyal to her husband. They love each other so much that no one was able to separate them. She likes to spend time with her husband Jay and their favorite dog. We appreciate Talia for her hard work and commitment to her personal and business life.