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While some people grow in the limelight because of their hard work, Tausha’s fame is attributed to her relationship with Ashton Kutcher. However, the celebrity sister featured in The Walking Dead, her fame is mainly attributed to being Ashton’s elder sister.

The celebrity sister tried acting, but much of her time was dedicated to other things. She has not made her name due to acting, but on the other hand, her brother has had a career in acting for over two decades, making him a millionaire actor and producer.

Who is Tausha Kutcher?

Tausha Kutcher is a public figure made into the limelight because of her brother. Moreover, she tried acting, and although she did not focus on it, she contributed to The Walking Dead.

Tausha was born in 1975 as the eldest child of Larry M. and Diane Finnegan Kutcher. Tausha’s mother worked in Procter & Gamble while her father was a manufacturing worker, enabling Kutcher and her siblings to get a good life with all the necessities.

Tausha was brought up in Cedar Rapids, Lowa, where she spent time with her twin brothers. Tausha’s brothers were born three years later, and they spiced up her time growing up. While Tausha’s brother, Ashton, has established his name as an actor, her other brother, Michael, is a businessman, public speaker, and advocate for children with cerebral palsy.

Michael Kutcher was born with cerebral palsy, and he had a heart transplant as a child. As a result, he has grown up as an established businessman who gives his voice to children in the same situation he went through as a child.

Tausha’s Education

Tausha attended school like many children. She grew up in Cedar Rapids briefly before the family relocated to Homestead. Although the family had everything regarding necessities, life was unhappy because of her brother’s medical situation. Michael always suffered cardiac difficulties, and the family had to be on its toes all the time.

The details regarding her high school education are hidden, but she graduated from the University of Northern Lowa, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and Teaching. She graduated from the university in 1999.

Tausha Kutcher Marriage

Tausha Kutcher is married to Kenny Kordisch, and they have enjoyed a happy marriage life since they walked down the aisle in April 2014. Tausha has since used her husband’s surname on social media. The couple was blessed with a baby boy named Maxton, although his birth details have not been shared.

Kutcher is also a proud mother to her daughter Dakota, born in 1999. Her daughter’s career is unknown, but she must have started her career considering her age.

Tausha Kutcher’s Net Worth

Tausha Kutcher has led a quiet life, and telling her net worth is tough. Tausha briefly had a career in acting and did other jobs, ensuring she led a comfortable life. On the other hand, her brother Ashton is a millionaire and has acquired a huge amount through acting.