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Searching for a good towel is not an easy task. In fact, it requires a lot of effort and thought. Because in the end, you don’t want to scratch or scrub your body with the towel, right?

So what a good quality towel should be like? We can say that it should be porous enough to dry you off easily and quickly. It should also be comfortable and soft for your skin and can be used for multi-purpose, i.e. as a beach towel or towel that you can carry with you to the gym.

However, the market is flooded with promotional offerings and adverts by the different towel brands making it difficult for the users to grab the right towel according to their needs.

Maybe you need to look at Teema Towel, a United States-based company which is getting famous for its whole range of variety of 100% cotton blankets and towels. The company is not old but creates a satisfied customer base in a short span of time.

Though, recently, over the internet, many people are asking if this company is genuine or not because few of the customers have poorly reviewed the company and created questions on its Genuity.

Let’s unwrap the facts in this article!

Introduction of Teema Towels

Teema towels were founded in the year 2017. It is basically an online marketplace for blankets and towels. It offers a massive cotton products collection, and the individual weavers make these towels of the small town of mountains outside the Denizli in southwestern Turkey.

This venture was started by two men who were on their trip to Turkey, and they came across the market which offers Turkish towels. They found these towels comfortable and super soft. They took this idea and started selling Turkish towels under the brand name ‘Teema’.

They do not only offer simple style towels, but they have a variety of blankets and towels in funky and bright colors with exquisite designs. Also, they are offering towels in tribal, labyrinth, morocco, layer, strokes, waffle, and a variety of blankets.

This brand delivers versatility for customers worldwide so they can enjoy comfort with style.

What is the Unique Selling Point of Teema?

Towels are not what makes the Teema Unique, but 100% Turkish cotton is the reason behind their uniqueness. The Teema Towels and Blanket material is stylish, lightweight, lighter, and comfortable compared to the typical Terry Cloth.

Here we are mentioning the categories and options from their offerings:

  • Blanket: All the blankets from Teema are soft and have considerable sizes, making them ideal for beachy winter outings and cozy warmth inside homes.
  • Wrap, Shawl & Scarf: If you are looking for light fabric and a stylish design in your wraps, then Teema towels are the perfect style statements to get you covered from the sandy winds when you are on the beach or to keep you warm and cozy in the winters.

Business Details of Teema Towels (For Authenticity)

  • The Website URL is This website is currently working.
  • Contact Number is available on the website, i.e., +1 (818) 442-2465 for questions and queries.
  • Email address is also there on the website for any assistance and support:
  • The location is also mentioned on the website: 5348 Baza Avenue Woodland Hills, CA91364.
  • All the social media handles are active and working
  • The website is protected by the HTTPS protocol and SSL integration.
  • The website is selling blankets and towels as usual
  • Valentine’s day sale is going on, and there is 15% off sitewide.
  • Return and exchange policies are updated on the website

Pros of Teema Towels

  • Teema Towels are aesthetically beautiful and are available in different colors and patterns. Most of these towels have a pleasant frilled edge.
  • One of the best things about these towels is that they are lightweight, making them ideal for someone who wants to take them on the beach. They are not too weighty and spacy!
  • Most of the customers are impressed with the versatility of these towels. Many choose to use them as beach or gym towels, while others simply love them as bathroom towels.
  • They are 100% Turkish cotton and are created from handmade woven fabric.
  • 2 ratings on social media along with the satisfied customers review online

Cons of Teema Towels

  • Cost is one of the few cons of Teema towels. Most of their articles are more than $30 in price, which makes them an impractical option for a beach towel.
  • They occasionally put promotional offers on their website, so customers have to keep their eyes on the website.
  • Few customers experienced issues while receiving their orders.
  • Some customers also complaint these towels are not absorbent like as they were envisioning them to be

Is Teema Legit?

As per our research, we can say that Teema is a legit website for towels and blankets. The website domain age is pretty old, which makes it trustworthy. Also, many customers have shared favorable reviews about this brand and their customer services over the internet. Furthermore, the trust index of Teema’s website is also good, and website traffic is also excellent.

Social media such as the Facebook page of Teema is quite informative and engaging and even has good reviews by the customers.

What Do Customers Think About Teema Products?

We’ve explored different podiums and got feedback from the buyers. These are a few of the reviews we are sharing here:

Delay in delivery.

Lovely fabric and so soft.

Correct length of the towel.

We found diverse reviews about the Teema Towels, so we suggest doing in-depth personal research before making a purchasing decision.

Tell us in the comment section below what you think about Teema?