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Thriller shows are as engaging as other genres. If you seem more interested in watching thrilling television shows, then The A-List must be among your top choices. It is a thriller TV series from the United Kingdom. Dan and Nina are known to be behind the creation of this show that got released in 2018 October on BBC Media player. 

Like every film or a TV show has a central character on which the show is based upon, the character of Mia also follows the same in The A-List television series on Netflix. Initially, this thriller television show aired two years ago in August internationally, the latter network. But later the project was extracted by the British Broadcasting Channel. 

It was declared that The A-List second series would stream on Netflix. After the end of the first season, everyone is now expecting the release of the second installment of the latter thriller series in 2021. Well, it was announced that the second season might hit the screens by 25th June on Netflix.

The A-List television thriller show has an interesting storyline that lays down following events in a summer camp, where many youngsters come to enjoy their vacation on a peaceful and soothing island. But soon comes a twist with the emergence of a strange character Amber. The first season had already taken place before. Now the expectation is on the arrival of season 2 of The A-List. 

So let us find out whether the second installment of the show is coming soon or is delayed to further years. 

Show Details 

TV Series: The A List
Genre: Mystery, thriller & teen drama
Created by: Dan Berlinka & Nina Metivier
Starring: Lisa Ambalavanar, Ellie Duckles, Savannah Baker & others
Place: United Kingdom
Voice-Over artists: Amber Frank, Sydney Park, Nolan North & others
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes:  13

The A List Season 2 Release Date

Story Plot

The A-List is a thriller teen drama filled with mystery. Here you will explore mixed emotions that are common in adolescence. You will see friendship, hatred, betrayal, loyalty all in one in The A-List. Now coming up to the story plot, the show revolves around the mainstream character, a girl called Mia. 

She comes to enjoy her vacation in a summer camp on a peaceful island. Things take a turn when she encounters her worst nightmare. It is the emergence of an anonymous and weird entry of a girl called Amber. Then starts her adventures in dealing with this mysterious figure. Watching The A-List will remind you of other hit shows on Netflix. One such example is Stranger Things that too streams on the same network service. 

Don’t think that The A-List has been copied from these plotlines. No, it is not. According to Anne Brogan, an executive producer, there was no intention of imitating the story of Stranger Things or Riverdale on Netflix. Rather these were being taken as a reference to make an engaging story plot with unexpected twists for The A-List thriller drama show. 

The latter teen drama has been stupendously crafted with a serious and robust script that makes viewers stick to exploring the dark and mysterious world with deep secrets and lies. With all the fantastic performances by the actors in the show, this spooky drama can be put along with a thriller movie called Midsommer that too had unexpected twists and turns. 

Engaging Show

With the first season, The A-List has been successful in striking a chord with its global viewers in maintaining its high standard. It ended with a face-off between Mia and the mysterious figure Amber. The only escape route lies with her surrender, as per Mia’s belief. Still, in the end, she gets one last surprise from Amber. The second season if it gets released, will show Mia surrounded by the deep mystery surrounding her. 

Main Casting

Apart from an engaging script, if there is another reason behind the success of The A-List then it is of course the casting of talented actors. Let us get to know about some of the main cast of this thriller show beginning with the protagonist character Mia played by:

Lisa Ambalavanar

Lisa is a talented actress from England. Other than her role as Mia in The A-List, she has shown her acting prowess in Doctors, a soap opera that came on BBC. Lisa played the character of Alia Hanif in it. She made her debut appearance in the episode of Home Time, playing the shop assistant. Lisa also did more roles in short films like Coffee

The English actress also did films including Like Living and another one that came in 2015, The Stuff of Legend. Singin’ in the Rain and Painkillers were some noted stage productions where she starred in. A notable theatre writer even described her as that person who used to lighten up the stage with her captivating personality and humor. 

Ellie Duckles

Ellie plays the spooky character Amber, a mystery girl Mia encounters while she comes on a peaceful island to enjoy her summer vacations in The A-List. She is also an actress from the United Kingdom. Apart from her current role as Amber in the latter teen drama show, she has also appeared in other television shows in 2018 and 2019. These were Safe and The Bay.

Release Date of The A-List Second Season

The premiere of The A-List first season came two years ago in August on Netflix with only thirteen episodes. All of them came on the same date on the same platform. Now it has been at least two years, fans of this thriller teen drama are craving for the new second season. Well, usually we see most of the next installments of TV shows are either canceled or delayed. 

But fans need not have to keep their fingers crossed for long, because the creators of the show in the UK have been planning for the renewal of the show not for one but for two seasons. Now isn’t that joyful news! Of course, it is. Although there has been no final date announcement, still, the second season is expected to return by 25th June 2021.