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There’s a lot of debate these days about whether children should be kept inside or allowed to experience nature. But I think it’s clear that getting outdoors can do wonders for physical and emotional health! From boosting mental wellbeing to increasing opportunities for exercise, there are many benefits kids gain from going outside – let’s take a look at some of them:

Builds self-esteem and resilience

Get kids out in the great outdoors for improved self-esteem and resilience! Playing outside offers a much-needed break from worries, not to mention teach vital skills like coping with disappointment. It’s an opportunity for children to learn how to overcome challenges – this is what helps them build strength of character that will last throughout life!

Improves their physical health

Keeping kids active is an important part of their development to make sure our little ones grow up feeling fit and healthy! According to Carrum Downs early learning centre  Sparkways, setting aside time every day for outdoor play in the morning before lunch or after a nap can contribute to a child’s overall development. On warm days, encourage your kids to take breaks from indoor activities by spending some time outside – don’t forget those coats when it’s chilly though!

Make sure there are plenty of balls available for kicking around in the garden area as well as some safe places where there aren’t any cars nearby where kids could run into danger if they weren’t careful enough while playing sports such as football or basketball indoors instead.

Creates a sense of belonging

Kids thrive in an atmosphere of community and connection, allowing them to feel part of something bigger. From this secure foundation, they can grow up as emotionally healthy individuals with a sound sense of self-worth – it’s arguably one the best gifts we can give!

We all know that outdoor play helps children develop physically, but did you know it also helps them develop socially? There are many benefits of outdoor play for children including:

It builds confidence – being able to climb trees or swing on monkey bars will boost your child’s self-esteem because they know they can do these things without help from adults or teachers (and let’s face it – kids love showing off their skills!).

It encourages teamwork – by playing games together outside, children learn how important teamwork is when working towards common goals such as building a fort or winning at hide-and-seek!

Builds social skills and helps them fit in

Playing outside helps children learn some of life’s most important lessons. From cooperation and communication, to how best handle disagreements – kids gain essential social skills that will help them make friends and navigate the playground with ease!

If your child’s care centre has a playground or playspace where they can play freely then this will help develop the following skills:

  • Communication – talking with other children
  • Cooperation – working together on games or activities
  • Sharing – taking turns or sharing equipment (e.g., swings)

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Encourages healthy eating habits

Those who take the time to get outside and explore with friends definitely reap some delicious benefits! By playing in nature, kids become aware of seasonal edible treats as well as gaining an understanding of how their environment can give them healthy meal options. Not only that–their appreciation for natural bounty means they’ll be more likely fill up on nutritious fruits & veggies than unhealthy snacks. The psychologists at Glyn Mind Clinic suggest encouraging outdoor playtime to lay the foundation for a lifetime of tasty eating habits!

In addition, outdoor play provides an opportunity for physical activity that has been shown to improve appetite control in children. This may help explain why children tend not only eat healthier but also weigh less than those who don’t get enough exercise.

Exposing kids to nature can lead to many positive outcomes

Time spent outdoors is not only great for physical health but also for mental health. From increased opportunities to get active to more chances for socializing with friends – playing outside offers a wealth of benefits that can lead kids down the path to being healthier and happier.


Get your kids outside to explore the great outdoors! The wondrous benefits of outdoor play are immeasurable. From improved physical fitness, and socialising with friends to acquiring new skills – playing in nature can help children stay happier and healthier than those who prefer being cooped up indoors.