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The Boondocks is an upcoming American adult animated sitcom. It is the work of Aaron McGruder. This series will be aired in 2021 on HBO Max.  The first three seasons topped the charts in 2006. Boondocks was granted a Peabody Award. However, all the praises and awards were meaningless when Aaron McGruder, the creator, did not show up for a fourth season. The Boondocks season 4 was aired on Adult Swim from 21st April 2014 until 23rd June 2014

Will Boondocks be renewed or cancelled?

Boondocks series is known to have been cancelled on HBO Max. Many fans were shocked upon realizing that it was cancelled. There was no clear explanation of why the series was cancelled with several rumours and what could have happened to McGruder. Due to having a strong fan base, a petition demanding a new series emerged. Unfortunately, the entertainment industry did not put that into consideration despite these efforts. Eventually, in February 2020, there was an announcement on HBO Max on season 5. There was also a confirmation that McGruder returns as the executive producer of this season 5. It is a great relief to the fans to realize that season 5 of their favourite series will be available for them soon.

Release Date of Season 5

It was saddening to many fans worldwide when the show came to an end in June 2014. This series took a brave consideration of the several rising social issues. It handled culture, politics, and society. Due to its uniqueness in dealing with sensitive issues, it managed to capture the people’s hearts. After the cancellation of the series, there have been rumours that season 5 would be released. Eventually, in February 2020, the show was announced to have season 5 on HBO Max. Out of the announcement, it was exposed that it has 22 episodes in which each has a 55-minute running time. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the series premiere is put forward to a later date. There is no set final release date for the Boondocks season 5.




The main characters in Boondocks include; the freeman brothers, Huey and Riley.  Huey has significant knowledge in culture, arts, and politics, while Riley portrays a mysterious character.

Additionally, there is Uncle Ruckus, who is an antagonist. Robert Freeman and the freeman brothers make up a great team to fight Uncle Ruckus for being an antagonist.

There is also Robert Freeman in the series. He is the grandfather of the freeman brothers. He loves kids and shows his love, and he tends to test their actions and opinions to make the kids better.

 The Plot of the Boondocks Season 5

The story involves two siblings, Huey and Riley, with their trendy grandpa. Robert, the grandpa, is the legal guardian of the brothers. Huey and Riley have notable differences in their behaviour, but their grandpa, Robert, loves the two equally. Riley, the younger brother, is a music lover who loves to rap and takes culture seriously. Huey, on the other hand, is the older brother who is a revolutionist. He is known to be politically involved and is also sociable.

 There emerges a political and social issue when the kids get stereotyped in their neighbourhood. There is home to the upper and middle white class people within the neighbourhood that add up the plot of this story. Through the character’s dialogue and the show, the Boondocks, with no fear, touch the untouchable. In this show, it is portrayed the take of the black people concerning politics in America.

 This perspective is, to some extent, sarcastic and clear. In this new season, there will probably be a new look of events. According to The Boondocks reporter, it will be the life of Freemans under Uncle Ruckus. The Freemans will realize that Uncle Ruckus has taken over the area using his neo-fascist regime.

When should we expect Boondocks Season 5?

Rumours had spread so widely about the possible revival of the series. Some people even went ahead to speculate that it had already gone into the introduction. However, the news was confirmed when John Witherspoon spoke about it on The Joe Rogan Podcast show. 

This gave the fans great hope that they would see the fifth season of The Boondocks. We should expect it come 2021 as it did not air according to the plan due to the covid-19 pandemic. 


The Boondocks series is exciting to its fans. Its cancellation brought about the filing of a petition by the viewers demanding the continuation of the series. The news of the return of season 5 and McGruder fascinated the fans of this thrilling series. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Boondocks season 5 was not released as planned. Therefore, it is until 2021 when we will be able to get the new season.