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Reality shows come up with the new concept of live performances by contestants. They are different from other shows and involve competitions among those who take part in them. One such example of a reality television show is The Four: Battle for Stardom. This American reality show made its debut streaming three years ago on 4th January. 

The credit behind the creation of this show goes to Elwin Groot. After the success of the first season, came the renewal of season 2 by two-channel networks (Fox & ITV Entertainment). Now all expectations are on the new third season. But till now no official confirmation has come for its release.

The hosting of the show is done by a team of judges including DJ Khaled, Charlie Walk, Fergie, Meghan Trainor, and Sean Combs. All are popular in the field of music and singing. In the initial season of The Four: Battle For Stardom, the music executive Charlie quit the show. So now there are only 3 panelists left. This reality is also called The Four in short. Phil Heyes is the person behind its direction. 

Apart from panelists, the judgment on the performances made by contestants is also done by the studio audience. Whichever contestant comes out the winner, he or she becomes the recipient of a contract from a record label company based in New York and also on an American free radio network. In the previous seasons (1st & 2nd) James and Evvie became the winners. Six people are executive producers of The Four reality show. 

It is often noticed that some of the shows are inspired by other shows from different countries. The Four is one such example. This concept of this show was inspired by a show called The Final Four in Israel. If you have been watching The Four from the beginning then you must be knowing that this American reality show is not like other reality shows that have stage auditions. The decision of challengers pitting against The Four is rested upon the panelists. 

According to the rules of the reality show to be in the Four, the challenger has to pit against the new artist. After the final concluding part of the season, the singer who remains, at last, is declared the winner of The Four: Battle For Stardom. Let us get to know more about this show in this article.

Show Details 

TV Series: The Four: Battle For Stardom
Genre: Reality show
Created by: Elwin Groot & Almoza Formats
Opening theme: Living on the dance floor by Nikko Lowe
Place Of Origin: United States
Directed by: Phil Heyes
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 2
Number of episodes: 14

The Four: Battle For Stardom Season 3 Release Date

Story Concept

The first round demands the newbie contestants to impress the live audiences and panelists against The Four with their performances if they want to register their seats. The result depends upon the voting by the judges whether they say Yes or No after watching the performance. If panelists give four nods in Yes, then the challenger enters another level.

After entering into the next round, the challenger has to compete against the Four members. After that, it is up to the audience to have the voting power in deciding which contestant deserves to get the seat. When the contestant wins the seat, he is set for a new challenge in the following episode. 

In season 2, The Four contestants are once again set to compete against the new challenging artists to make it to The Four. When the season ended, the one artist who appears to be a favorite among the audience gets one more chance to make a comeback and register his/her place in The Four at finals. In the last season (2) panelists honored the winning contestant and got him a contract with the reputed record label company of New York. 

Show Ratings

The success of a television show’s ratings depends a lot upon the ratings. Coming on to The Four: Battle For Stardom, this reality show has garnered much popularity from its first season with good ratings owing to its unscripted concept and highly watched reality show on the Fox network in four years. So now you have the reason to watch it with great interest with your family and friends. 

Judges Of The Four: Battle For Stardom

After understanding the concept of The Four: Battle For Stardom, let us know a brief about the judges. 

DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled is a popular name in the music industry. He is a famous media celebrity and is also a record producer and executive. Khaled is much known as one of the top DJs from America. He rose to fame during the 90s as a host on the radio station 99 Jamz. Khaled was born in 1975 on 26th November.

Charlie Walk

Charlie was born in 1962 on 2nd September. He is a popular personality in the world of music. Charlie is a well-known music executive and is also a businessman. He had been the president of record label companies including Republic Records (for three years) and Epic Records (for two years) in America. 


Fergie is one of the judges in the American reality shows The Four: Battle For Stardom. She is a well-known singer, songwriter from America. Not to forget Fergie is also into the acting profession. She was a member of Black Eyed Peas, a hip-hop group. She began her career with it.

Fergie experienced her first commercial success with The Dutchess, her solo album. Her popular singles include Big Girls Don’t Cry and London Bridge. Glamorous is also one of her popular singles that made it to top music charts in America. Even though she blends rapping into her singing, still, she does not want herself to be called a rapper. 

Season 3 Release of The Four: Battle For Stardom

Two seasons of The Four had already taken place before. Now all eyes are waiting for the streaming of the third season of the latter reality show. But as of now, there has been no official announcement regarding its release. Fans are living in belief for the show’s return. The next season might return by the end of the year (2021) or maybe by 2022. So till then keep patience.