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Comedy is one genre in movies or television shows that makes our day delightful. Such entertainment is indeed the best way to keep stress away. Hence The Guest Books comes as the best TV show with humor content in America. Greg Garcia is known to be the person behind the creation of this American comedy series. Where the first season starred actors like Charlie Robinson and Kellie Martin, the second part had Eddie Steeples and Dan Beirne. 

The Guest Book TV series is based upon its creator Greg’s habitual habit of mentioning false entries in the guest book. He penned down all the episodes while he was on vacation. Greg even makes a short appearance in this comedy series playing Homeless Jack, a beggar on the street. 

Greg, the creator of the American comedy show The Guest Book, got an idea to make a show when he penned down a fictional entry book of guests, aiming to bring unusual experience for the guests in any room he stayed in. Greg’s main purpose was to make the viewer jump with laughter, which he is very perfect at. 

The premiere of this comedy series took place on network TBS four years ago on 13th September. The American pay television network also renewed the series for the second season. The premier took place in 2018 on 23rd October. After its closure, viewers are now expecting The Guest Book season 3 ahead. So let us find out in this article, whether it is going to happen or has been canceled. 

Show Details 

TV Series: The Guest Book
Genre: Comedy
Created by: Greg Garcia
Starring: Charlie Robinson, Carly Jibson, Jimmy Tatro & others
Place Of Origin: United States
Theme music composer:  Honeyhoney
Original language: English
No. of Seasons: 2
No. of Episodes: 20

The Guest Book Season 3 Release Date

Story Plot

This comedy American series revolves around the life of vacation rental property employees and also the visitors. The first season put prime emphasis on the cottage renters in a small town. Whereas the second season emphasized another vacation rental in the town of Mabel Beach. The usual cast essayed the character of town residents. But every episode has emphasized the new guest star who does the role of a vacationer who is out-of-town.

The Guest Book never gets into time consumption when it comes to the introduction of main characters for the rental ones. When we got closer to know them, we found that they all have their bent, but the comedy series takes time for development per season. The humor here ranges from relationships (non-sex) to controlling birth. If you are searching for subtle shades of humor, then it is not found here. 

The reason behind this is the comedy of the modern era, where laughing does not emit from the pranks or funny punchlines, viewers get voyeuristic fun over the guest book. This gives them an idea about the visitors from out of town who come and live for a day. 

Meanwhile, the characters in the show keep up with the story development that peaks to the wonderful experience. You might find some differences in the episodes of The Guest Book, but if you look at overall, then the creator of this comedy series, Greg, provided us a format that is hard to get enough of.

Series Casting

The comedy series The Guest Book covers many mainstream casting. One that comes to mind is Carly who plays the character of Vivian. If you have watched the first season of this series, then you might know that she essayed the character of an owner in a strip club that is located nearby a rental spot called Froggy Cabin. In another season, she is shown as a waitress at another nearby beach rental spot. 

After the main characters, there are other cast members including Charlie as Wilfred. He is responsible for taking care of rentals near the mountain. Comes another actor Lou as Frank. He plays the role of a stepson of Vivian (played by Carly). He appears in the mainstream role in season 1 and as a guest in the second season. 

If you watched ER, then it must have reminded you of an actor called Kellie Martin. Yes, he is also part of The Guest Book series, where he plays the character of an officer named Kimberly. Another actor Eddie also plays the character of a similar name. He plays the nephew of Wilfred, played by Charlie Robinson. 

Those who are only meant for season 2 include Kimiko playing as a waitress Nikki. She is the friend of Eddie and lustful desire for Vivian. However, she is also engaged to the actor Dan who plays the character of manager Tommy. He also takes care of the rental spot Barefeet Retreat. It also happens to be the beach house of his mother. 

There are many other actors in the recurring cast that help in setting up the atmosphere of rental spots and make sure the audience has a full fun moment. You will get to know about them when you watch The Guest Book series. If you missed out on any of the two seasons, then better watch it to get an understanding of the characters in this comedy series. 

Release Date of The Guest Book: When Can We Expect Its Premiere?

The premiere of The Guest Book’s second season aired three years ago on 23rd October and came to its final closure in the following year 2019 on 12th September. Once the creator of the show Greg even confirmed the cancellation of the show on a social media platform. Well, there is a slight hope that some other network might come up with a new renewal of the show. But in one line, the third season of The Guest Book is canceled. 

What Made This Comedy Show Worth To Watch?

Now there must be a question in your mind, as to what makes The Guest Book so appealing to be watched. Well, it is the show that can be watched with great interest as critics gave thumbs up to this show and its stupendous star cast. The series had good punchlines with superb tickling comedy. Viewers can experience a bumpy journey with each episode from season 1 to season 2.