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We hardly think of it nowadays, but it was just a few thousand years ago that dogs were a wild animal that had to hunt for their food, just like lions and bears! Now that dogs are living full-time with us, we feed them processed canned food and dry food almost exclusively, except for a few table scraps now and then. The thing is, dogs still love to eat raw foods! Think about it, how would you like to eat nothing but canned meats and vegetables served with a side of crisps every day? If your pooch comes home with a half-eaten rooster he’s nicked from the neighbour’s chicken yard, chances are he’s trying to tell you something!

People have finally started to catch on, and raw food diets for dogs are growing in popularity, especially to the lucky canine diners! Healthy, balanced, all-natural raw meals like Kangaroo Dog Food are making our dogs more physically fit and energetic, as well as thrilled to be eating something they were evolved to consume!

Here are some of the great health benefits that a raw food diet can provide for your pooch:

  • Skin And Coat – Just like humans, a dog’s skin is their largest organ, and much can be gleaned about their health based on its appearance. A diet of raw foods provides healthy omega fats, anti-inflammatory nutrients, and bio-available enzymes, all of which support healthy skin, and a shiny, glossy coat of fur that doesn’t shed as much!
  • Dental Health – Most processed dry dog foods are high in carbohydrates and sugars that can contribute to poor dental hygiene. A raw, meaty bone acts like a toothbrush, helping to remove plaque and prevent gum disease, plus, what makes dogs happier than giving them a raw bone? Raw foods also make your dog’s breath fresher, which makes everybody happy!
  • Immune System – The immune system defends against illness and infections, and is vital to a dog’s health. A raw diet of all-natural ingredients provides balanced nutrition that bolsters your dog’s immune system so they can stay healthy, fit, and resistant to disease.
  • Bones And Joints – The old saying goes “you are what you eat”, and in this case it’s really true because the best thing you can do to support your dog’s joint and bone health is to give them a raw bone! You can also supplement their supper with crushed bonemeal, a natural source for calcium, glucosamine, and collagen which support joint and bone growth.

Raw food is great for your dogs, so show them your love at feeding time!