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An American Sitcom that made its position in the list of some of the best sitcoms of all time, The Magicians is based on a novel with the same name, that was released in 2009 and was written by Lev Grossman. The first season of the series premiered on December 16, 2015, and has had 5 seasons released till now. 

Its viewers have been in complete awe of it and can’t wait to watch the 6th season of the show. The last episode of its fifth season aired on April 1, 2020, and has been its latest episode till now. It has had 65 episodes released till now and fans are waiting for a sixth season to release.

Show Details:

TV Series: The Magicians
Genre: Fantasy
Created by:  Sera Gamble

John McNamara

Starring: Jason Ralph

Stella Maeve

Olivia Taylor Dudley

Hale Appleman

Arjun Gupta

Summer Bishil

Rick Worthy

Jade Tailor

Brittany Curran

Trevor Einhorn

Running time: December 16, 2015 –

April 1, 2020

Producers Mitch Engel
Composer: Will Bates
Original language: English

The Magicians Season 6 Release Date

More about the show:

The Magicians belongs to the genre of Fantasy and has been created by Sera Gamble and John McNamara. The sitcom is based on a novel named The Magicians which was written by Lev Grossman. It stars Jason Ralph, Stella Maeve, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Hale Appleman, Arjun Gupta, Summer Bishil, Rick Worthy, Jade Tailor, Brittany Curran, and Trevor Einhorn in important roles. 

The background score for the series has been given by Will Bates. It has been produced by Mitch Engel and its executive producers are Mike Cahill, Michael London, Janice Williams, Scott Smith, John McNamara, Sera Gamble, and Henry Alonso Myers. The cinematography has been accomplished by Vanja Cernjul and Elie Smolkin and Sue Blanely, Jason Courson, Mats Abbott, and Rita K. 

Sanders is the editor of the show. The production companies involved in its production are McNamara Moving Company, Man Sewing Dinosaur, Groundswell Productions, Universal Cable Productions, and Universal Content Productions. The official distributors of the show are NBCUniversal Television Distribution and it aired on the Syfy channel. 

The show has had five of its seasons released till now and 65 episodes. The show was originally made in the English language and its land of origin is the United States of America. Each episode of the series has had a running time of 41–52 minutes.


The story revolves around Quentin Coldwater, who is the protagonist of the show and is admitted to Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy to pursue magic and become a well-trained magician. Going to the University, he learns that similar to what he read in his favorite book, his University and magicians impose danger on normal human beings and their world. His childhood friend Julia is denied entry into the University and starts pursuing magic away from the University. 


Jason Ralph essayed the role of Quentin Coldwater, who is a graduate student. Stella Maeve played the character of Julia Wicker, who is an Ivy League student and also Quentin’s childhood friend, and has been recruited by hedge witches. Olivia Taylor Dudley essayed the role of Alice Quinn, who is a naturally gifted magician and both his parents are magicians. Hale Appleman played the character of Eliot Waugh, who is a student at Brakebills and also a good friend and a senior of Quentin. 

Arjun Gupta essayed the role of William “Penny” Adiyodi, who is Quentin’s roommate and his good friend. Summer Bishil essayed the role of Margo Hanson, an important character of the story. Rick Worthy played the character of Henry Fogg. Jade Tailor played the character of Kady Orloff-Diaz. Brittany Curran essayed the role of Fen and Trevor Einhorn played the character of Josh Hoberman. 

Some recurring characters on the show were Christopher Plover, played by Charles Shaughnessy, Victoria Gradley played by Hannah Levien. David Call played the character of Pete, Michael Cassidy played the character of James, Esmé Bianco played the character of Jane Chatwin and Anne Dudek essayed the role of Pearl Sunderland. 


The first season of the show had thirteen episodes. It premiered on December 16, 2015, and its last episode aired on April 11, 2016. The second season premiered on January 25, 2017, and its last episode aired on April 19, 2017. The third season premiered on January 10, 2018, and its last episode aired on April 4, 2018. 

The fourth season premiered on January 23, 2019, and its last episode aired on April 17, 2019, the fifth season of the show premiered on January 15, 2020, and its last episode aired on April 1, 2020. The first, second, third, fourth, and fifth seasons of the show have had thirteen episodes each and a total of 65 episodes.

The episodes of the first season were, “Unauthorized Magic”, “The Source of Magic”, “Consequences of Advanced Spellcasting”, “The World in the Walls”, “Mendings, Major and Minor”, “Impractical Applications”, “The Mayakovsky Circumstance”, “The Strangled Heart”, “The Writing Room”, “Homecoming”, “Remedial Battle Magic”, “Thirty-Nine Graves” and “Have You Brought Me Little Cakes?” 

The episodes were directed by Mike Cahill, Scott Smith, Scott Smith, James L. Conway, Bill Eagles, John Stuart Scott, Guy Norman Bee, Jan Eliasberg, James L. Conway, Joshua Butler, Amanda Tapping, Guy Norman Bee, and Scott Smith respectively.

When will season 6 be released?

Talking about the release of the sixth season, the makers of the show talked about the maths that went into making a series and that determines if it shall have the next season. They said that the first, second, and third season of the show performed so averagely that they never knew if they were going to get the next season. 

The fifth and the fourth season of the show were slightly better than average but not up to the expectations and they couldn’t touch the revenue tragedy that was expected for the next season. The money invested and the revenue generated were separated by a fine line and hence there wasn’t much profit earned. It can be safely assumed that the series will not have a sixth season released anytime soon.