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The oath season three is an American crime comic web Tv show that runs in Sony Crackle. This series was created by former Los Angeles County Sheriff/’s Deputy Joe Halpin. The show is about a secret group of dirty cops who are nearly impossible to infiltrate.

The series producers include Dennis Kim, Anne Clement, Joe Halpin, Todd Hoffman, and the famous rapper star, 50 cents. The show was released in March 2018, and since then, two seasons have already been aired. The series has accumulated impressive ratings of 6.5 out of 10 1MDb based on 1533 casted votes by viewers.

The Oath Season 3 Official Announcement

Of late, there has been no official declaration regarding the release of season three. However, considering the impressive progress of the season 1 and 2, it is obvious that season three will premiere on our screens again. According to Erick Berger, who is the chief Digital officer of sony pictures television networks stated that the show was much acknowledged by the audience and received a huge number of viewers.

The Oath

The Oath

The plot

The series’s storyline brings about the light on dominant corruption that has prevailed in many institutions and societies. Additionally, the series exposes the confronting and dangerous reality of those supposed to safeguard the oppressed.

Hence, the secret existence of the gangs and societies is exposed, depicting how it is impossible for it joins the gangs. However, once they recruit you as a member, things are made easy to ensure the smooth run of the activities.

The Oath Season 3 Cast

The cast of the series consists of Ryan Kwanten, who acts as Steve Hammond, Katrina Law Acting as Karen Beach, Cory Hardrict as Cole Hammond, joseph Julian Soria as Ramos J.Anthony Pena as Carl, and many others.


Crackle has the mandate to have its own viewership. Thus it is impossible to speculate since it’s hard to estimate the kind of traction the series is accumulating. As of flying blind predictions, he states that there are possibilities of the renewal of the show.

The oath season 3: Release Date

Crackle has not yet officially revived season three. As of june 2021, there was no date anticipated as the due date of the most awaited event, though this does not show that the series has been canceled permanently. They could probably be on a break and the upcoming season is yet to be announced. We will update you on any necessary information about the series as soon as they reach us.

The oath Trailer

The first season of the crime comic was aired in March 2018, and it consists of ten episodes. The show accumulated 6.5 on IMDb, and the second series was aired in February the following after the first season. Therefore, moving by the pattern, fans could anticipate that the release of season three was to appear mostly in the year 2020.

Updates of season three of the oath

As per the previous reports, the show’s viewership, the oath were termed as quite attractive. Sony Pictures Television  Networks, Erick Berger, announced that that audience had an impressive response towards the authenticity and nature of the whole show. The team actors were thrilled to continue with the journey to the next higher level. According to speculations and other leaked information, the third season of The Oath was anticipated to arrive around 2020.

What the Actors had to say about the show

 Halpin said that a lot of what we see in the comic is for entertainment and what exactly happens in real life. You will have to improve on things for purposely entertainment value, but everything we act in the show is usually rooted in real life.

It could be either issue he faced, or he ever happened to do. In the first season, where the character of a bank robbery was featured, characters revealed that the robbers were cops and were planning to run up an investigation they robbed themselves.

This character showed exactly what usually happens in most robbery cases. Therefore, he said that everything comes from things he happened to take part in when he was a police guy or aware they happen as a cop.

He revealed that he found it a great opportunity to peel back the curtains and show exactly what happens. He thought that this was supposed to be kept into consideration when such scenarios happen. Having the opportunity to do so is not purposely for education, but he said it was a fan and act.