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The Punisher is an American series that started from 2017 to 2019, created by Steve Lightfoot. ABC Studios and Marvel Television produce it. On a scale of 10, it has received an IMDB rating of 8.5 and a viewer rating of 4.8. The release of season 1 and season 2 won the hearts of many people in various areas.

 Season one was released on 17th November 2017. On the other hand, the second season was released on18th January 2019. Like any other person, we all need to know the release date, plot, cast of season 3, and other related information.

Is the season Renewed or Canceled?

It is always great news to hear about the renewal of your favorite series. However, on The Punisher Season 3, the case may be different. It is bad news to its fans that the series is canceled on Netflix. There is the cancelation of the agreement between Netflix and Marvel in February 2019. It is worrying having to wait for the release of the third season for so long. However, after being canceled on Netflix, The Punisher Season 3 will be aired on Disney. It will be a relief to most viewers who are waiting for its release.

The Punisher

The Punisher

The reasons for its cancelation by Netflix include, it is costly in producing Marvel shows. Secondly, the shows were not much performing as the hardcore fans only showed interest in the shows. Also, there was an absence of casting, images, and management.

Release Date of the Punisher Season 3

For the die-hard fans of the Marvel series, it is a big blow. The chances of having to see The Punisher Season 3 on our TV screen are minimal. It is due to the cancelation of the agreement between Marvel and Netflix in February 2019. Nevertheless, Disney+ has been launched. It is a streaming service that currently owns the Marvel series. The Punisher Season 3 may be released in 2021. In the case when there are fewer hindrances, it is the best time to release. Therefore, the possible release date is 2021, and if there are changes, we will keep you updated.

The Cast of the Punisher Season 3

If The Punisher Season 3 is released, there will be great casts to make the work incredible. Most of the casts are likely to be the ones who featured in the previous seasons. They include; Giorgia Whigham as Amy Bendix, Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont, Jason Moore as Curtis Hoyle, and Ben Barnes as Billy Russo.

 Additionally, Jaime Ray Newman as Sarah, Lieberman Ebon Moss-Bachrach as David Lieberman, Josh Stewart as John Pilgrim, and Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle. The creator has not confirmed whether there will be new characters or not. However, if they happen to be there, we embrace the change and enjoy our favorite show.

The Plot

The Punisher Season 3 may be released on the Disney + within no time. This season is a continuation of the earlier seasons. There is the main character, Frank Castle, who works as the Punisher. He works as a vigilante during the night and as a construction worker in the daytime. To fight with the underworld, he makes use of his deadly tricks. Frank Castle, Street Smart Grifter, and Hitman Pilgrim decided to go on their way without causing interference to the other. With no source available, it is not easy to foretell what is likely to happen in The Punisher Season 3.

When Should We Expect the Punisher Season 3

Having being canceled on Netflix in 2019, it takes a lot of patience to bear with the situation. The fans felt bored and discouraged after the cancelation. Disney+ is now available to air The Punisher Season 3. It means that within a short period it will be on our screens. Therefore, the series may be released in mid-2021. The team has not spoken about the release date, but it is evident soon with the current situation.


On the latest updates that after cancelation on Netflix, The Punisher Season 3 may be back soon. It will be aired on Disney + as it owns the Marvel series. It is good news to the fans who had given up on the release of the season.


The series had been a great one, which was praised by many people and acquired super ratings. It was heartbreaking to the fans who gave up after a long wait for its release after its cancelation. The best news is that it will be back on our screens through Disney +. It will be a great relief, even though we do not know the exact time for it to be released. The possible release date is 2021. When the correct dates are confirmed, we will not hesitate to enlighten you.