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If you love watching anime shows, then The Seven Deadly Sins must be on your favorite list. Like many live animated shows, this one is also adapted from the original Manga comics series from Japan. It has a very interesting story plot that revolves around princess Elizabeth who wants to bring back her kingdom by going through a threatening quest. 

To fulfill her motive and get the crown, she searches for a knight’s group, called Seven Deadly Sins. The animated series began with its first premiere on two networks (MBS & TBS) and other joint network nodes seven years ago in October. Every season consists of a supplementary subtitle aside from season 1.

Apart from popularity from Manga comics and animated series, a movie premiere of The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky was also released three years ago in August. There is another lined up in 2021. 

The licensing of the manga has been done by Kodansha USA, especially for the publication in the English language (in North America). The digital release of the chapters is done by Crunchyroll in several countries. 

The streaming rights for the animated show in English are acquired by Netflix, whereas home video rights of the series season 1 are currently done by Funimation. Three years ago in December, the total circulation of the Japanese Manga animated series reached around 30 million copies. It also became the recipient of a prestigious honor, six years ago. 

Till now, the animated series has completed five seasons with the last episode 6. Now the show has been so much liked by the viewers that they cannot wait for the streaming of upcoming episode 7 titled ‘Hope, Conflict, & Despair’. 

Let us know more about the show in this article. 

Show Details 

TV series: Seven Deadly Sins
Genre: Adventure & Fantasy
Directed by:  Tensai Okamura
Written by:  Shotaro Suga
Place Of Origin: Japan
Music by: Hiroyuki Sawano & Takafumi Wada
Original language: Japanese
Seasons: 5
Episodes:  6

The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5 release date

Story Plot

As has been mentioned above, the story of The Seven Deadly Sins is about princess Elizabeth who accumulates seven knights to accomplish her goal in reuniting her kingdom and getting the crown. The deadly sins who help her in fulfilling her quest include a king, Escanor, Meliodas, Gowther, Diane, Merlin, and Ban. They all belong to different categories of sins including greed, lust, gluttony, pride, envy, and wrath. 

Netflix: The Best Network To Watch ‘SDS’ In the English Language

When it seems interesting to watch an animated show then a language problem becomes a spoilsport. Taking the case of The Seven Deadly Sins, it is a Japanese animation show, so naturally, the subtitles and audio are in Japanese. 

Thanks to Netflix where you can enjoy watching the animated action show in English and can understand the story and dialogues of the characters very clearly. Apart from English, one of the top American content platforms also features other languages including Spanish and French. 

Episode Seven Spoilers

If you have watched the sixth episode, then you must have noticed the character Mael taking the Purity commandment. Also, he is enclosed into the cocoon of bright light. Then all of sudden, the light-dark rays start raining from the cocoon. 

His brother even tells him not to move, but he was too late. His brother Tarmiel gets hit by one of the dark rays, killing him and Sariel. Finally, Mael comes off from the cocoon, the power of the archangel is read by the petrified Hawk.

Mael then uses his special power and fails the efforts of his enemies. But Elizabeth, Diane, and the free king get cast with Sense Opener by Gowther. Three of them realize that an attack can result fatally against the archangel, who is overpowered. After that, King transforms into Chastiefol and defends himself with armor to attack Mael. 

To counterattack, Gowther applies another clever trick to dodge and fool Mael by generating multiple replicas of King, in which one is real. Diana also makes efforts in expanding the potential of the king. 

This indeed becomes a success at first, but Mael seems to take over in shattering the illusive powers of Gowther. At the last, when the latter once again tries to cast an attack, Oslo intervenes in between and gives up his life for the sake of King’s safety during the battle.

Seeing this Diane takes her special weapon to fail the spells of the Mael by spreading them to the ground. She also gives a warning to everyone, and when she does another time, her weapons get broken. Princess Elizabeth does not let Diane fall, and an unconscious Gowther gets caught by the swift Hawker. 

King conquers the curses of Mael and gets changed into a full-winged fairy. In the upcoming episode, it will be interesting to watch the battle between the Mael and King. Let’s see who conquers whom. 

Manga comics characters are very famous among kids and teenagers. They love reading their comics and get much glued to their adventures. Even though the trend of comics is not much at times of the digital era, where everything can be watched online and also on television. 

The Seven Deadly Sins is a clear example of this. It has garnered huge viewership with a robust storyline and portrayal of characters. In every aspect, it has engaged a million viewers in comics, animation as well as in the form of video games.

Release Date Of Episode Seven Of The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5

After season 6, fans are waiting for the upcoming episode seven of The Seven Deadly Sins Season 5, titled, Hope, Conflict, & Despair. Well, it has taken place from 24th February in the current year on two Tokyo distributors. There is a team effort behind the anime project of the fifth season. 

Where the direction of the anime series is done by Susumu, the work on the script has been done by Rintaro. Similarly, Takfumi, Hiroyuki, and Kohta have been behind the series of music. The theme song at the opening and for the ending has been sung by Akihito, Sawano, and ReoNa.