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If you are familiar or a fan of the film series ‘Riverdale’ and ‘Lord of Flies’, then you will surely love ‘The Society’ series. It is a blend of gritty, racy, philosophical teenagers with a twist of sci-fi. 

It is a Netflix Original series that was created by Christopher Keyser, produced by Marc Webb and Keyser. 

The first season of the series premiered on Netflix in May 2019, it has a total of 10 episodes. 

It tells the story of teen drama around a group of teenagers that were mysteriously transported to a similar environment of their New England town. The story twists when they discover that parents are nowhere to be seen.

An exciting, bizarre, and intriguing series that has caught the eye of many sci-fi and teen drama genre fans and critics. Surely many viewers expect to see a continuation of this unique series. Here are the things you need to know and expect in ‘The Society Season 2’. 

First Seasons Recap

Before we dive into the season 2 of the series, let us have a brief recap of what happened during the first season. This way we will have a better understanding on what to expect as we go on. 

In the first season of the film, the teens were challenged to run their own town and community. This happened after the event where half of the town’s population, specifically the adults and parents, had suddenly disappeared. 

The story started when a group of students came back to town from a cancelled flight to find out that everybody was gone. Then they noticed the thick forest appearing that surrounds the town, as they investigated, they realized that the outside world can no longer be contacted, as if it does not exist. The telephones and the internet are also cut off. Now it’s up to them to create their own rules, establish order, and survive the limited amount of resources. 

The Society Season 2: Plot

The Society series revolves around this group of teenagers stuck in a solitary limited world where there are no adults and life is carefree. In the beginning, everybody was excited with the freedom of worry and restrictions, they go all out in outings and parties. But as the days passed by, they soon realized the urgency to establish rules in order to face challenges in food, governing, and crime. All those challenges easily came together within 9 days from when they were alone. 

To accomplish such tasks, these teenagers created teams and formed alliances for a new order as some of them are trying to figure out the cause or solution behind the mysterious events. With an intriguing theme and a fresh cast, the series proved to be an awesome watch. It shows the deep desire of humans as they fight their way towards survival. It also shows the challenges of growing up as a teenager in this time. 

In the second season of the series we will be able to answer the questions if their parents and adults are still alive, where the missing people went to, would their new found community last and survive, and how would they solve the problems in violence, death, and struggle. 

We can expect more story reveals as the show progresses, there might be chances of having new characters that might open up a new story line or a good backstory defining the current situations. Viewers would definitely want to know more about the deep mystery that revolves around the incident. 

The Society Season 2: Cast & Crew

Should there be a second season of The Society, it would most likely retain the same actors with the same character roles. Series that interchanges actors halfway through the show do not normally receive a positive response among the audiences. 

The main cast of the first season that would most likely return in the second season are Kathryn Newton as Allie, Gideon Adlon as Becca, Sean Berdy as Sam, Natasha Liu Brodizzo as Helena, Jacques Colimon as Will, Olivia DeJonge as Elle, Alex Fitzalan as Harry, Kristine Froseth as Kelly, Jose Julian as Gordie, Alexander MacNicoll as Luke, Toby Wallace as Campbell, and Rachel Keller as Cassandra. 

The production will most likely retain its main crew with Christopher Keyser as the creator and executive producer with Marc Webb, Daniel Hart with the compositions, cinematography with Attila Szalay, and the editors, Farrel Levy, David Dworetzky, and Philip Neel. 

The Society Season 2: Release Date

The first season premiered in May 2019 on Netflix. It’s one of the entertainment platforms that involves teen drama that made success, gaining several positive feedbacks from fans and critics. 

The production focused its viewer market on young adults, while it portrays several female lead roles. A sci-fi drama that is sure to leave an impression on viewers. 

For the second season, Netflix has already announced last July 2019, that the show has been renewed. However, there is no release date that was mentioned. Given the production of the first season, we could have expected it to be released in May 2020. 

Unfortunately as we go through the ongoing pandemic of the COVID-19. Even with the renewal statement, Netflix has decided to cancel the second season in August 2020. 

The cancellation was due to the pandemic, uncertainty of production dates, availability of the cast, and unexpected budget increase. 

The Society Season 2: Movie Trailer

There has been no update with the season 2 renewal after the cancellation, there are no trailers available. 

While we wait for the season 2 updates, you can always check out the first season trailer that is available in social media or entertainment platforms for a quick recap. 

If you still have not seen the series, you can check it on Netflix or you can always rewatch to refresh your memories. 

You might see fan made movie trailers of the second season, portraying the opinions and theories of viewers, fans, and critics. 

Nevertheless, we are hopeful and excited to see more of The Society series.