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Thea Nielson is the daughter of the late Leslie Nielsen. Her father was a famous Canadian Hollywood actor, and he had received numerous awards for his acting. Thea is also a famous Canadian-American media personality. She is mainly known for being an actress, and some of her acting work includes films such as Wrongfully Accused and Family Plan. Below are some of the details you should know about her.

Biography of Thea Nielson Disney

Thea Nielson is the daughter of Leslie Nielson and Alisande Uilman. She also has a sibling, Maura Nielson Kaplan. Thea was born in 1963 in California, United States, and her ethnicity is Caucasian. Her mother married Leslie Nielson on September 10, 1958, but divorced in July 1974.

Her father is Canadian, giving her Canadian ancestry, but she is an American national.

Rumors and Controversies

Thea has managed to avoid sharing much of her information and hasn’t been in any controversies. She is not one to create social drama or attract attention by raising controversies. However, rumors have it that she might be related to Walt Disney.

Thea is unbothered by the rumor. Besides, no facts or evidence has been tabled to confirm the rumor, and unless things change, that’s the only rumor we have about Thea.

The two only share a surname, Disney. Based on critics and analysis, the only way Thea can relate to Walt Disney is through marriage links. Going deeper into it, Walt Disney only had two children. His two daughters got married, and their children don’t carry the Disney surname, making it not feasible to say that Thea could be Walt Disney’s child.

Although Walt Disney had nieces and nephews, none seems to link back to Thea. We conclude that it’s likely that Thea got married to someone who has the Disney surname but doesn’t come from the Disney lineage. Sharing the surname makes people spread the rumor that she might be related to Walt Disney.

Thea’s Career and Net Worth

Although her parents separated when she was young, the separation didn’t directly affect her. She still lived a normal life and managed to stay in contact with her parents. Growing up with her father, Thea got a chance to appear in one of his films. She appeared in the Dracula Dead and Loving It film of 1995.

Later, Thea landed a role as an actress, where she played in the Family Plan, a comedy film released in 1997. Her father also played a role in the movie. He appeared as Harry.

Moreover, Thea also got the chance to play a minor role in the film Wrongfully Accused, released in 1998. This was her last film as she has not appeared in any other and has since then stayed low, keeping her things and life private.

Although Thea has not shared her net worth with the public, her role as a film actress earned her a good income. Besides, she also has other unnamed investments earning her good returns.