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Thijs Lauer is a celebrity kid. He is the youngest son of Matt Lauer, a decorated TV personality and model. The young kid was born in 2006, and fans can’t keep calm about him as they want to stay informed about his life. Thijs has easy access to being a celebrity, and this post will discuss his bio, age, and net worth. Moreover, we will share some insights about his family. Stick around!

Biography of Thijs Lauer

Many know Thijs Lauer thanks to his parents’ reputation. He is the youngest son of Matt Lauer and Annette Roque. His father is a TV personality and a model, extending his popularity to his son.

Thijs was born on November 28, 2006. He is an American, and his birthplace is Newy York. His ethnicity is white, and his star sign is Sagittarius. Thijs has black eyes and brown hair color. A notable fact is that his parents were nearly concluding their divorce when Thijs was born. Thijs Lauer’s father was more committed and focused on his career at the expense of his family. He neglected his wife, and this state is what nearly pushed them to divorce until their son was born.

Thijs has two siblings. Jack, the firstborn in the family, was born in 2001, while the secondborn, Romy, was born in 2003. Thijs and his family live in Hamptons, and he attends a nearby school. However, he is yet to join university as he is still a young child.

Career and Net Worth

Thijs Lauer is yet to find a career that suits him. He is focused on his education, and his passion and career are yet to be realized. Besides, his father prefers keeping his son’s details private, and only some information is revealed about him.

However, his parents have a successful career, and that’s what is being used to cater to his needs. Thijs has no net worth at the moment. However, his father is a millionaire, and he extends his net worth to give his children a good life. We will watch what career Thijs will take as he grows up.

Meet Thijs’s Parents

Matt Lauer was born on December 30, 1957. He is a famous TV host, journalist, and news anchor. He came into the limelight after being the co-host of an NBC show, but he got fired in November 2017 following sexual allegations. Matt was married to Anette Roque, Thijs Lauer’s mother. Annette is a Dutch-Indonesian and works as a model in Europe.

Although Thijs was born when his parents were on the verge of a divorce, they later separated because Matt Lauer was unfaithful to his wife. Matt has a net worth of $60 million, and the divorce suit will likely see his ex-wife getting about $20 million of his wealth.

The Laur family has several controversies, mainly based on sexual harassment and infidelity. We will keep updating the new information that we gather.