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Thomas Rhett is a country singer who has surprised many fans with his newest family member, Lillie Carolina Akins. The singer expressed that they have always wanted five children, and the news of Lillie was a good sign that they would achieve their dream family.

Lillie was born in 2021 and has grown into a beautiful young girl loved by every family member. The little girl is a proud sister with three siblings and is often seen having a good time with her siblings.

How Thomas Rhett and Wife Found Out About Lillie Carolina Akins

When Thomas Rhett posted about his daughter’s birth, he recalled how they had found out they were expecting their fourth daughter. Thomas was on a ski trip with his wife and friends when she started complaining of feeling nauseous.

Thomas convinced her that it was a result of her face being burnt, but still, he joked that they may be pregnant. Akins thought there was no way she would be pregnant again, but Thomas convinced her that there was a way that she was pregnant again.

The couple went for a pregnancy test, and two pink lines showed within fifteen seconds. And it was a happy moment because they had wanted five children.

Lillie Carolina’s Father

Thomas Rhett was born in Georgia in 1990. While in junior high school, Rhett learned to play drums and would go on stage with his father to play his songs. After joining High School, he became part of the band The High Heeled Flip Flops and started singing in the band.

After High School, Akins joined Lipscomb University to do communications, but he dropped out at twenty to pursue a music career. He signed a deal with Big Machine Label Group to write songs and started recording his singles.

During his first days in the industry, he co-wrote songs with Jason Aldean. Rhett co-wrote I Ant Ready to Quit with Jason, and the album sold $1.7 million during its first year of release. Rhett released his first single in 2012, and it was top 30 on the Hot Country Songs charts.

Lillie’s Mother

Lauren Akins is Lille Akins’s mother. Lauren is an American author, podcaster, and philanthropist born November 8, 1989. Lauren is a famous author, and one of her books, Live in Love: Growing Together Through Life’s Changes, was a New York Times Best Seller.

Lillie’s mother worked with a non-profit organization, I47 Million Orphans, where she donated over $250,000 at an event for the organization. Besides being an author, she has been featured in a podcast co-hosted with Annie Downs.

Lillie’s mother met her father in first grade, and they became friends before they started to date later. Lillie’s mother announced they were adopting a baby girl from Uganda, who was born on November 1, 2015. Their other daughter was born on August 12, 2017, and another on February 10, 2020.

Lillie was born on November 15, 2021, and is the youngest in the family. However, her parents disclosed that they wanted five children, meaning they may surprise fans with the good news of another family member.