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Tidelands is an Australian series written and also created by Leigh McGrath and Stephen M. Irwin. It received acceptance and many positive reviews from the Australian audience. It also acquired a high IMDb rating of 7 in the range of 1 to 10. Season one of the series was released on December 14, 2018. Its success is attributed to the captivating story and wonderful characters. The series revolves around Best (Cal McTeer), who returns from serving detention in a juvenile facility to find his hometown full of misery.

Is the Series Renewed or canceled?

The series, upon release, achieved many fans. Most of them are torn in between answering whether the series has been renewed or canceled. As of January 2021, the show has neither been canceled nor renewed. The delay is due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which spread worldwide. Now that the pandemic is getting sustained, the series may be renewed soon. However, it is difficult to tell whether Netflix will renew or cancel Tidelands season two. It is until they publicize viewership that we will be able to know.

Release Date of Tidelands Season 2

Up to date, there is no confirmation on season two has been made by the series showrunners. It is relatively hard to foretell the exact date of release for the new season. However, there is the hope of it being released in the early months of 2021. The shooting and releasing of Tidelands Season 2 delay are due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, which spread worldwide. The pandemic interfered with the daily activities and brought to stagnation most projects. Therefore, if there is no re-emergence of the pandemic, we will indeed receive the new season as anticipated.

The Cast of Tidelands Season 2

The earlier season’s star casts are expected to return and retain their roles in this new season. In the previous season, the cast performed flawlessly in their roles, which enhanced the series’ significant success.  Everyone is waiting to see their favorite actor/ actress in this new film; hence, the previous cast’s return excites so many people.

Tidelands Cast

Tidelands Cast

 The cast involved in the new season includes; Madeleine Madden (Violca), Brad McMurray as Wendall Overman, Cate Feldmann as Genoveva, Peter O’Brien as Bill Sentelle, Richard Davies as Colton Raxter, and Alex Dimitriades as Paul Murdoch. 

Additionally, there is Jet Tranter (Leandra), Elsa Pataky (Adrielle Cuthbert), Caroline Brazier (Rosa), Dalip Sondhi as Lamar Cloutier, and Mattias Inwood (Corey Welch). Also, Aaron Jakubenko as Augie McTeer, Marco Pigossi as Dylan, Alex Andreas as Lev Nuyland, Daniel Roberts as Grayson Raxter, and Charlotte Best as Cal Mc Teer.

The Plot

It involves the story of Orphelin Bay, which has been intruded on by Tidelanders. The Tidelanders is a dangerous siren-human hybrids group. He decides to examine well to unearth all the town secrets hidden for long. The second season seeks to continue with where the first season concluded. There are new missions that she will have to conquer when inspecting the hidden secrets. Additionally, she may bring about great secrets, and greater eye-opener can come in her presence.

When Should We Expect Tidelands Season 2

The creators of the show have not hinted to us on the specified release date of the series. It is evident that the series has not been canceled, and hence it will be back soon. Its release was greatly affected by the pandemic, which called for it to be postponed later. If the situation is maintained as it is currently, the show may be aired in early 2021. However, if the pandemic situation worsens, the creator will shift the dates once again. We will inform you when the dates will be officially set.

Updates on Tidelands Season 2

Currently, there are no updates on Tidelands season 2. The release dates have not yet been communicated. Additionally, the casts are not also hinted about. We do not know if it is only the last cast who will feature in the new season or add new characters.  We will keep you updated on any information received concerning Tidelands Season 2.


Having a broad fan base, the release of Tidelands Season 2 is a significant issue of concern. The first season was good enough to capture the viewer’s attention and interest, leaving them yearning for the next season. It is a great series worth watching several times. If you haven’t started watching, why don’t you give it a trial? 

As we wait for season two, grab season one so that you are not left behind. The release date is probably in 2021 if things work out well as planned. However, if shifted to a later date, let us be patient enough until it happens, as it may not take long.