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Few dogs have captured the heart of America like the white Labrador. Much like the white Golden retriever, white Labradors are both intelligent and lovable. The two breeds hold the number 1 and number 2 spots for the most popular types of dogs. They make incredible companions and even better family dogs. While the number of reasons these dogs are so lovable is nearly infinite, there are 5 that stand out from the crowd.

Here are the top 5 reasons why white Labradors, and their white Golden retriever cousins are so dang lovable.

Super Cute and Cuddly

When a white Golden retriever or white Labrador snuggle up for some cuddles, there’s some special magic that happens. These dogs aren’t just adorable when they’re puppies, they’re super cute and charming even as adult dogs. Loving on white labs or even a white Golden retriever makes people smile on the inside and it’s hard not to be happy when you’re smiling on the inside.

Friendly and Playful

White Labs, like the white Golden retriever, are friendly and playful. They tend to get along with other dogs and other pets as well. A simple peek on social media will show pictures of the infamous white Golden retriever playing with many different animals and pets. From cats and birds to squirrels and guinea pigs, white Labs and the white Golden retriever don’t have any enemies.

Intelligent and Trainable

These dogs are both highly intelligent and easily trainable. White Labs are easy to handle just like the white Golden retriever and they have no special requirements. Both breeds make excellent guide dogs, emotional support dogs, and even drug sniffing dogs. These breeds are so easy to train they are a favorite among working dogs and their emotional intelligence makes them adaptable to many tasks.

Great Family Dogs

The white Golden retriever is the ideal family dog. White Labradors, like the white Golden retriever, have a calm friendly temperament and an easy disposition. These dogs are lovable companions who are eager to please. They love to play and cuddle, easily accepting all family members and other pets. These friendly dogs have a sweet loyal disposition and a quirky playful personality that keeps the whole family smiling.

Very Adaptable

White Labs are adaptable to many different environments, just like the white Golden retriever. They can flourish in many different habitats and don’t have any special requirements. These breeds can live in both an urban and rural environment, being equally as happy in both. They don’t require special diets or expensive foods. All these dogs need to thrive is plenty of food, love, and exercise.

White Labs are as lovable and sought After as a white Golden retriever.

If you’ve been considering adding a puppy to the family, consider a white Golden retriever. Like white Labradors, these sought after dogs are hugely popular, highly intelligent, and totally lovable. They make incredible companions and awesome family dogs with their friendly playful nature. The white Golden retriever is also easily trainable making it a favorite among emotional support and working dogs. These dogs are America’s favorite dogs for a reason. Consider adopting a white Golden retriever today.