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Probably every active person who prefers a healthy lifestyle has played football at least once or wanted to try it in the near future. Despite the worldwide popularity of the game, its simplicity can be deceptive. As any sport, football requires preparation for a game session, otherwise you risk not getting the fullness of emotions from a sporting event. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the list of actions that are necessary for every novice football player and a fan of the game.

1. Choosing a place to play

The place of the game is a key point to pay attention to before the game. Amateur football players cannot always afford to play in an indoor stadium due to many circumstances. The most budget–friendly and simple option is a clearing or a park area away from playgrounds. It is worth looking for the most flat scale surface, where there are no stones and dirt. Obviously, sometimes you don’t have to choose, but remember: your safety is in your hands. That is why you should take the choice of a place with maximum seriousness. If there is still a stadium in or near your city where fans can play football, be sure to use this opportunity. Firstly, it is safe. Secondly, it’s a completely different feeling!

Well, if getting to the stadium is a problem, think about the car rental service. Getting together with teammates and renting a car is profitable and comfortable for everyone! All players will be able to bring their inventory and have a great time at a safe, comfortable stadium. Cars for rent are different: cool cars without a top, like, huge mini buses for large football teams, luxurious Mercedes Benz G-Class and so on. You will definitely find a cool option to comfortably engage in your hobby!

2. Choosing comfortable shoes

To play football in the company of friends, it is not necessary to have professional cleats with spikes in the wardrobe. It is enough to pick up the sneakers or sneakers with small spikes that will not slip on the lawn or rubber pad. It is recommended to choose a boot size slightly larger than the one you choose for everyday shoes – so any contact with the ball will be completely painless. You should not rush for the latest model of sports brand boots, because even without them you can feel the fullness of football.

3. Viewability

Take 15 minutes to watch the game actions of your favorite football players. Many stars of the game admit that they fell in love with football when they saw their idols on TV or in reality, and then tried to repeat their feints, punches or passes. We are sure that even from watching half an hour of one match you will be interested in at least one player. You can only follow him or find a selection of his best actions on YouTube – so you will have an understanding of the individual game of football.

4. Active warm-up

The most important point that will help you avoid injury. Both the coaches and the players themselves talk about the value of the warm-up. After a short run, it is worth kneading every part of the body from the head to the ankle. We pay special attention to the knees and hips – they receive the greatest load when moving and quickly changing directions on the field. Some players allocate up to 20% of their energy just to warm up – so they remain as prepared as possible for the game.

5. A quiet start

Take 5-10 minutes for easy involvement in the game. Do not try to rush at every ball in defense or run away in any attack with partners – so you will quickly get tired and will not keep up with your rivals. Keep an eye on everything happening on the field, look for weaknesses in the opponents’ game and concentrate on accurate passes – this way confidence in your own actions will come to you faster.

6. Last but not least, stay a team player!

Even if you know how to handle the ball and know a few feints, these actions will not help you win the match alone. Football is a team game in which it is important to trust the partners and work together with them on common success. Sometimes it is important to defend for a few minutes in order to catch the opponent on the counterattack. It doesn’t matter who scores the decisive goal, as the victory is awarded not to an individual player, but to the whole team.