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All of our trips are all cultural and experiential. We can, however, focus Trips even more for groups with other interests, whether it is food, photography, soft adventure, trekking, gardens, Moroccan Jewish culture, or even more adventurous pursuits like rafting or biking.

We invite you to reach out to us about your company’s style and mission and we’ll do our best to attune our programs to best meet your needs. In some cases, even after careful or lengthy discussions, we may conclude that we are not a good fit for your company and may decline pursuing a collaboration.

We laser-focus our trips to your needs and do so while avoiding the common complaints of forced shopping, vendor hassling, and other annoyances that are commonplace in Morocco. We do so by training, treating, and compensating our drivers, guides, and staff the best in the country. Thus, our upfront costs might be at tad more, but the end costs are a more valuable measure. Your travelers will rave about their tour to Morocco and give the sort of positive feedback and word of mouth that is essential in our industry.

Group Size

Bigger isn’t always better! As a DMC Morocco focused on responsible and sustainable travel, we lean towards group sizes that allow us to adhere to these criteria. Our trips are focused on offering you and your clients an intimate experience. Eight-five travelers diving into a village is not sustainable, recommended, or intimate.

Essentially, we prefer to work with group sizes of 2 to 12 travelers. This, however, is dependent upon the group’s dynamics, focus, style, and goals. Ideally, for most of our trips, we prefer to outline this as 4 to 6 client rooms total and one private room for the tour leader/escort for companies offering group departures and who bring along their own tour escort. If you would like to bring more than 12 persons at one time and would still like to work with us, please contact us, but consider doing two trips at separate periods to meet your demand. For student groups and educational institutions, we can accommodate more persons, usually up to 16 student travelers in total.

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Single Supplement & Twin Room Requests

Boutique accommodation establishments in Morocco do not offer reduced rates for single occupants. Those who travel and who would like to have a single supplement can expect to pay up to 40% (or more) of the trip cost in order to have their own room. We recommend you limit the number of single supplements you allow to your group members to one to two single supplements per trip in total for a group of 8 or more persons. Please note that in most cases these same establishments do not have ample twin rooms available. So, we recommend you limit twin-room requests to no more than two twin rooms total per group.

Communication experts for decades, our agency has managed in Morocco, online and offline advertising campaigns for the most prestigious clients.

Thanks to the quality of the management, the efficiency of the processes, and the customer relationship which constitutes the heart of our strategy, our group is the 1st in the event planner in Morocco for the quality of its services.