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Vanna White is one of the most celebrated personalities for her great works. She is a TV personality from America born on 18th February 1957. Vanna is best known to host the television show, Wheel of Fortune’. She also made several appearances on television shows from time to time. In 1978, Vanna was one of the contestants of the Miss Georgia beauty contest. Since 1980, she has been active in her career and made appearances in several films as well. There is much you need to know about Vanna White. It can range from his personal life to his net worth. This article provides you with key highlights of his life. Therefore, be sure to get answers to your endless questions about Vanna White here.

Personal Details

Net Worth: $70 Million

Real Name: Vanna Marie White

Celebrity Name: Vanna White

Gender: Female

Date of Birth: 18th February 1957

Place of Birth: Conway, South Carolina, United States

Nationality: American

Height: 1.67m

Weight: 58kg

Marital Status: Divorced

Profession: Television Personality and Film actress

Early Life of Vanna White

Vanna was born on 18th February 1957 as Vanna Marie Rosich, to Joan Marie Rosich and Miguel Angel Rosich. After her mother remarried, she adopted the name of her stepfather, Herbert Stackley White Jr. After completing high school; she joined the Atlanta School of Model, where she began working as a model. Later in 1978, she participated in the Miss Georgia Beauty pageant.

Personal life of Vanna White

How much is Vanna White worth

How much is Vanna White worth

Early in 1980, Vanna got engaged with John Gibson, an actor. Sadly, John Gibson lost his life in a plane crash in 1986. Later, the personality was married to George Santo Pietro, a restaurant owner, in1990. On her first pregnancy, she experienced a miscarriage. They were then blessed with two children; Niko Santo Pietro and Gigi Santo Pietro. In 2002, they divorced each other. From 2004 to 2006, Vanna got to Michael Kaye.

Age, Height, and Weight

White was born on 18th February 1957, so she will be turning 64 years old on February 18, 2021. She is 1.67m tall and weighs 58kg.


Her first appearance on Television was in 1980, in ‘The Price is Right.’ She was among the first four contestants of the show at that time. She also appeared in the films ‘Looker’ and ‘Graduation Day.’ In 1982, Vanna interviewed for the hostess of ‘Wheel of fortune’ and was picked up to be the show co-host among 200 applicants. She had Pat Sajak as her co-host. After a while, Vanna was featured in the made-for-television film on NBC, ‘Venus: The Goddess of Love.’ She released her autobiography, ‘Vanna Speaks’ in 1987. 

White has also appeared in numerous other films and shows such as ‘The King of Queens, Simon, Simon, the LA Law, Double Dragon, Full House. Additionally, she came in as a guest timekeeper in WWE WrestleMania IV. She voiced several hit series, which include ‘Captain Planet and the Planeteers. Further, she voiced the Real Story of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, a Canadian TV program.  She has appeared frequently in ‘Chuck’s Quismo’s Quiz. Also, Vanna in 1980 appeared in Gypsy Angels’ film as Micky. Notably, she has collaborated with several celebrities such as Ricard Dysart, Amanda Bearse, Patch Mackenzie, and many others.

Net Worth and Salary

Being a well-paid actress and a television host, she receives massive payment amounts. Her current network, as of now, 2021, is approximately $80 million. Vanna achieved this from her active career for more than three decades. Since 1982, she has been hosting the ‘Wheel of Fortune.’ She has also made a guest appearance on several other films and TV shows, which earns her the right amount of money.

Additionally, she voices several TV shows earning a reasonable sum of money from it. She has also done modeling. With all these opportunities, she couldn’t fail to have an incredible net worth.  The net worth is likely to rise higher than it is as she is determined to work more in her career.

Vanna White Awards and Achievements

Her most outstanding achievement in career life is a successful TV personality. She also received a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006. According to Guinness Book of World Records, she got titled as the ‘Television’s Most Frequent Clapper.’ She can clap more than 28,800 times for a single season. 


White is known as one of the great television personalities worldwide. She has been co-hosting with Pat Sajak the ‘Wheel of Fortune ‘since 1982. Due to her popularity, she became a character in Paper Mario, a video game by Nintendo. She got diverse ways to acquire her wealth, such as hosting a TV program and an excellent actress. With her current net worth at $70 million and earns a $10 million salary. Her net worth can rise at any given time. She is determined personnel hence can have it grow so fast. Interestingly, she can clap more than 28,800 times within a single season.