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Veronica De Morney-O’Neal is the granddaughter of Ryan O’Neal and the daughter of Patrick O’Neal and Rebecca O’Neal.

The O’Neal family is famous for their decades and generations of work in the entertainment media of America, their controversial pasts, and their family conflicts that have all linked back to Veronica’s grandfather Ryan O’Neal.

This family has been in the spotlight for years because of their scandals and the patriarchal nature of Ryan O-Neal.

Although the ever-so-famous O’Neal family scandals and conflicts have died down during the last couple of years, we haven’t heard much from their side. The peace has finally been restored in the O’Neal family as new members continue to pile up in continuing generations.

Personal Life

Veronica De Mornay O’Neal, currently 18 years old after being born in the year 2001, personal life has been no different than her other family members, under the entertainment media’s spotlight and camera flashes since she was brought into this world through Patrick and Rebecca.

Because her family used to be under the spotlight and entertainment news most of the time back in the day, Veronica also has a fair share of camera time. But since the O’Neal family finally settled and resolved peacefully, there hasn’t been much in the news about the family.

Recently, Veronica made the paparazzi’s and O’Neal family fan’s head’s turn with her red top picture on Instagram and occasionally blessed her TikTok with some popular videos. Other than that, the American entertainment media hasn’t learned much about the celebrity kid.

Veronica’s recent Instagram picture is bringing the O’Neal family back into the limelight again because of Veronica’s uncanny resemblance with her father, Patrick O’Neal. The resemblance has everyone in the entertainment remembering and talking about the family again.


Patrick O’Neal, Veronica’s father, is Ryan O’Neal’s second-born, born from his second wife, Leigh Taylor Young, who was also an actress.

Patrick came into their lives before Ryan O’Neal, and Leigh Taylor Young took a divorce and parted ways in 1973.

Patrick O’Neal was married to the actress Rebecca De Mornay and shares two daughters from the marriage, Veronica De Money O’Neal and Sophia De Morney O’Neal.

The couple later got divorced and parted ways as well. Patrick enjoys a fair share of the limelight like all the other members of the O’Neal family in entertainment media as a studio host and sports reporter for Fox Sports West.

Whereas, as far as Veronica’s mother, Rebecca De Mornay, is considered, she also belongs to the American media fraternity and works as an actress in Hollywood. She has starred in blockbusters like The Slugger’s Life and Risky Business.