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Victoria is written by Daisy Goodwin and produced by Paul Frift and David Boulter. The first season was aired on 28th August 2016 in the UK, the second season released in 2017 on ITV, and season 3 was premiered on 24th March 2019 on ITV. This series encountered critics and many viewers due to the screenplay and historical accuracy. Many people loved the series upon watching the first three seasons. Therefore, the release of season 4 will be a source of great joy to numerous fans.

Is the season Renewed or Canceled

Many fan theories are existing concerning the release of Victoria Season 4. With great anxiety, other fans question whether it was canceled as they feel they waited for long.  The best thing is that the series is not canceled. It will be back to our screens at any given time. Its creator Daisy Goodwin and the team have not yet announced the dates for releasing the new season. It would be best if you were a little patient, and once renewed, we will inform you.

Release date of Victoria Season 4

Recently, Daisy Goodwin, the creator of the series, confirmed there would be season 4. The coronavirus pandemic posed a great challenge to the release of the new season. The fans are anxiously waiting for its release to be a great series. The release date has not yet been released, but we hope it will be soon. Immediately we know on the set dates, we will inform you as well. Having things turning back to normal, the release can be speculated to be later in 2021.

The cast of Victoria Season 4

Victoria Season 4

Victoria Season 4

Are you always anxious to see your best characters back on the screens? It may be boring to realize that your character of preference is left out. With Victoria Season 4, most of the characters who took part in season 3 will be back. They include; Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria, Tom Hunghes as Prince Albert, and Nell Hudson as Skerrett.  

Nevertheless, Tommy Wright as Brodie, Jordan Waller as Lord Alfred Paget, and Adrian Schiller as Mr. Penge. Also is Anna Wilson Jones as Lady Emma Portman and Ferdinard Kingsley as Francatelli. This new season may bring about new characters as there will be a shift from some young characters to be old ones. However, it is not stated if there will be new characters by the producing crew. This may be the season for Jenna Coleman having the titular character.

The plot

At the end of season 3, there is the dramatic collapse of Prince Albert on the Buckingham palace floor. Queen Victoria desperately cries out his name severally, but there is no response. Season 4 will probably pick up from here where the previous season ended. In the new season, Prince Albert will survive the health scare, which is alarming.  There will also be the birth of Princess Beatrice and Prince Leopold, Victoria’s children. Nevertheless, Lord Palmerston’s rise to be a Prime Minister and the Crimean War outbreak. Also, Tom Hughes and Coleman may abandon their roles and hand over characters to older characters. Daisy gave a spoiler that a character will die in this new season.

When should we expect Victoria Season 4?

The series creator, Daisy Goodwin, hinted at the possible release of season 4. However, the release dates of the series season 4 have not yet been confirmed. With people getting back to their normal lives after the coronavirus pandemic, it is probably set to be released in 2021. Keep checking on the newest updates as once the dates are confirmed, we will inform you as soon as possible.


Victoria season 4 is likely to bring onboard new characters. It is because some characters have to act in an old age scenario. There is also the death of a main character in the new season as stated by show creator. Additionally, according to Daisy Goodwin, this new season will be the darkest of all the series. Victoria Season 4 may be released in 2021, not unless the crew decides otherwise.


The Victoria Series is a great show which brings about the best entertainment to the people. With the release of the first three seasons, it has gained a wide range of audience. These people are significantly waiting for the release of season 4 of the series. Just be patient and with time the series will be back to our screens. Did you miss this series? If you did, give it a trial and watch the first season of the series. With the way it is captivating, I bet you would wish to watch the other seasons non-stop.  As great fans of the series, be patient and wait release of season 4 w which may probably occur in late 2021.